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New EOP/ACE Freshmen:  must print, complete, and postal mail Enrollment Forms to the Office of Access and Opportunity Programs, 116 Alumni Hall, SUNY, Oneonta, NY 13820. For your convenience, you will receive a postage paid return envelope in your postal mail along with hard copies of these forms.

For assistance, call the Access and Opportunity Programs at (607) 436-2407.  We look forward to meeting you in July!

What is Summer Academy?

The Summer Academy is a mandatory, tuition-free program that provides an exciting and challenging opportunity for new students entering each fall semester.  The program is designed to help students prepare academically for the rigors of higher education coursework and to take part in a college living environment. This experience allows students to become familiar with their new surroundings prior to the fall by establishing bonds with students and staff members.  Incoming students are introduced to administrators, faculty, staff and campus facilities and have the privilege of registration before other general admission freshmen.  Participants also have the opportunity to meet with their individual EOP/ACE counselor to discuss any financial, academic, personal and/or career concerns they might have.  The Office of Access and Opportunity Programs welcomes you to the 2020 Summer Academy, and the staff is looking forward to an exciting and memorable summer.

What Do Past Participants Have to Say?

"My experience ... was one that prepared me in the transition from high school to college.  I went in kicking and screaming, and after four weeks left with life-long friends as well as knowing the various services and people available to me.  The relationship that people establish with everyone involved in EOP is one of the strongest bonds there is at this college.”

Lisa Leonardo, Elementary Ed
Albany, NY

"Before I went I was a little disappointed that it was going to be almost 4 weeks long.  After I went I was disappointed it was only 4 weeks long! I would do it over if I had the chance.  The experiences and the fun I had could never be explained...and the friends I made are irreplaceable.  Thanks!"

Melinda Kozlowski, Mass Communications
Nesconset, NY

“Summer Academy  prepared me for the challenges that I would be facing as an incoming freshman. I had plenty of friends and I was definitely prepared for the academics because of the lectures that were given in the Academy.  I grew as an individual because of  learning and going through all of the Academy experiences."

Diana Greene, Music Industry 
Queens, NY

“Summer Academy to me was considered a transition from high school to college life. It gave me the opportunity to experience college life before actually starting college. The experience was rewarding both academically and socially. We had the chance to brush up on our writing and math skills and at the same time we had a great time.”

Nakemma Durrant, Biology
Brooklyn, NY

"Summer Academy was a wonderful experience!  I never thought a month of my summer would be used in such a good way. The time management and all the hard work I did really paid off. I came here in August and I am glad I went through with the Academy. I am prepared, have lots of friends, I know the campus, and I know how to manage time and studying. THANK YOU EOP!"

Jamie Lake, Communications Arts
Liberty, NY

"The Summer Academy program allowed me the opportunity to sharpen my English, math and reading skills for the college’s placement exams.  It also allowed me the chance to get used to the college environment, along with meeting different students and EOP staff members.”

Eugenio Martinez, Computer Art
Bronx, NY

Enrollment Forms:

Summer Academy enrollment forms for the incoming class of 2020 will be available April 2020.

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