Branden Law

Branden Law
Norwich, NY
Year of Graduation
Branden in print making class
Branden attending Professor Rhea Nowak's Printmaking Class

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I actually transferred here from a college down south. I decided to come back near where I grew up and was researching schools, and Oneonta had one of the best, most diverse art programs. I also knew a bunch of people who went here, and it was the perfect distance from home so I could commute but still have the college experience. Oneonta was the best fit for me.

My Activities

Jean Parish Scholarship winner, Teaching Assistant, featured student artist in the Open Space Gallery

Best Experiences 

Having my own art show, “Working Proof,” in the Fine Arts Open Space Gallery has been the crown jewel for me. I wasn’t sure I would have that opportunity, especially with COVID. I draw inspiration from many different things and love experimenting. This exhibition focuses on the method of printing and features my final works, working proofs with notes, and linocut and woodcut blocks. Getting to show my process and the final results in this way is such an honor. 

Working Proof Gallery
Working Proof Gallery
Working Proof Gallery
Working Proof Gallery

Plans, Goals, Dreams

My plan is to work as an artist for a while and have that experience, and then get my teaching certification and be an art teacher. I’m not sure yet whether I’d like to teach high school or college. I had a lot of teachers in high school who saw potential in me, and that inspired me to want to teach. My dream would be to open my own school someday and give kids the chance to have more fine arts training. 

About My Major

The art faculty at Oneonta are so knowledgeable in their fields and are willing to go out of their way to help you. They really care about you and are always there to help you, and they have a lot of connections in the art world that can be really beneficial.

Favorite Class 

Hands down Printmaking, which came as a surprise actually. When I transferred here, I came in as an illustrator, thinking I had all my foundations classes done and knew what I wanted to do. But part of the transfer process is, when registering for classes, you pick two and the school signs you up for three others. I was signed up for Printmaking 1, and it just really grabbed ahold of me. Rhea Nowak makes such a fun environment in the classroom. We’re lucky here to have so many resources and state-of-the-art facilities at our fingertips. That lets you have the opportunity to try out all of these different methods and mediums and allows you to learn by doing for every step of the process. 

Applying ink
placing on press
adjusting press
making print
Final Print


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