Emma Sarnacki

Emma Sarnacki
Niskayuna. NY
Year of Graduation

Why Oneonta

I toured a lot of campuses, and there was just a resounding feeling of home when I came here. It’s really hard to describe, but Oneonta’s definitely got that thing. It’s definitely got a good vibe. If for some reason I don’t continue with this major, there are a lot of majors here that I am very interested in. The facilities are fantastic, the people here are fantastic. When I toured here, everyone was so friendly. I know every college has those front lines of admissions people, and that’s their job, but even when you get beyond that, interacting with the students and the faculty, everybody is just so genuine. It’s really, really special.

Best experience

I think my best experience was the transition. The first week was really hard for me. I’m an only child and I’m really close with my parents, so it was hard to leave them, but the environment, the homey feeling here, really helped to ease that transition. I’ve only been here a few months and I’m already getting sad about the fact that I’ll eventually have to leave. It’s just been so welcoming here.

Why I chose this major

I’ve always expected that I would be a teacher. Both my parents are teachers so I’ve grown up with it, and I just feel like I possess the correct skill set for the profession. In high school I became very interested in English so that honed my focus. So far I’ve been loving my classes, both education classes and English classes.

One word to describe Oneonta and why

Home. I was welcomed with such open arms here. I feel so safe and comfortable. Second to my hometown, this is such a great place to be. I feel like I belong here.

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