Odalis Galeano

Odalis Galeano
Selden, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I chose SUNY Oneonta because I enjoyed the student involvement on this campus. When I came for Academic Exploration Day as a senior in high school, I talked to a lot of students, and every time I talked to one, they seemed to be very involved in what they were doing and very passionate about the clubs and organizations they were a part of. I definitely needed that when choosing a campus, especially because I was very involved in high school. So just hearing that from a one-day experience definitely brought me here, and I don't regret my decision at all.

My Activities

Student Advisory Council for School of Economics and Business, Making Cent$, Alpha Phi Omega, Office of Student Success, Office of Admissions, Intramural volleyball, Management Club

Best Experiences

I would say definitely engaging with different types of people. Not just students and my own friends and my classmates and peers. I've met people from all different places around the state and around the world even, because we have a lot of international students. I've also been fortunate enough to meet with alumni from this campus especially from the School of Economics and Business. So just hearing them give advice and talk about their career path is so rewarding, and it's also reassuring that I'll be OK in the future, knowing that I can be successful.

Just like our students are passionate about their activities, I’ve realized alumni are passionate about coming back and helping either through scholarship funds or just coming to give a presentation or have lunch with students. I have attended breakfasts and lunches and things like that. I'll remember those experiences forever. For someone like me – I come from a family who didn't go to college so I'm first-generation – having those people talk about their experiences and all that networking that is available to me is beyond anything I could ever imagine, honestly. So I'm very grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had on this campus.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

I will definitely remember all the opportunities that I took advantage of. I try to get a learning experience, maybe even a job experience, out of everything that I do. Even if it's something that maybe isn’t my strongest point or something that I don't like as much as other things. I still try and take that as a learning experience and just get something that I can remember out of it, even if it's for somebody else. I'll definitely remember all those experiences. I will remember that I was busy here, I was having fun. I met a lot of new faces, and hopefully I'll remember them and still be acquainted with all the friends I made here.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I definitely want to move up in the corporate world and become an executive one day within either a large company or a small company, and I want to continue within the business field, like finance or management. I also want to complete a master's degree in business administration. I honestly hope to be an alumna, too, who gives back to the campus through scholarships and presentations and stuff. Probably my biggest goal for the future is to be an active alumna.


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