Sarah Masterson

Sarah Masterson
Rocky Point, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

One of my professors for one of the college classes I took in high school said that SUNY Oneonta had a great fashion program and that it was a four-year degree, and I liked that because FIT was just so up in the air – you don’t know if you get a four- or two-year degree. So she told me to check out Oneonta, and I fell in love with the campus when I visited. I’m from Long Island and, as everyone knows, it’s really populated. Oneonta is nice and so beautiful. I came in February when it was snowing, and I still liked it, so I said I could like it at any point.

My Activities

Resident Advisor, treasurer of Student Fashion Society

Best Experiences

Walking around on campus and seeing people I’ve met through classes, clubs and campus activities. It’s so easy to make friends here. It’s really nice. You can always find people who are similar to you and it’s nice to find common interests with people. It’s just a different experience, because you feel grown up and then you go home and you still have your family, but then you come here and you’re very independent. So I love that – the independence.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

To work at The Met as a costume curator – I would love that so much. It’s not what everyone else wants to do with this major, and that’s what I like. I don’t want to be the typical fashion major; I want to do other things.

About My Major

The professors are so easy to talk to and understanding. They’ve worked in the industry and have life experiences. They all are very professional and have done this and gone through it all. So it’s really easy to talk to them and find out what other jobs there are and everything.

Favorite Class

Apparel in Today’s Economy with Dr. Portway. She’s amazing, I love her. It’s so fun. We’re working on group projects, which you have to do in the industry. We talk about all of the financial stuff and the climate, and it’s really just so interesting. She starts every single class off with a fashion show, and that’s so fun.

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