Stacy Zuniga

Stacy Zuniga
Brooklyn, NY
Year of Graduation

After Oneonta

After graduating in May 2020, Stacy Zuniga is continuing her education at New York University in the Event Management program and works as a programming and events graduate assistant in the Office of Global Inclusion.

Why SUNY Oneonta?

The people. I came here on a tour my senior year of high school and I completely just fell in love with the campus. I had a friend from high school who came here and she taught me the ropes. Having that person here who could tell me about the school was amazing.

My Activities

Hunt Union manager, student member of President’s Cabinet, Chief of Staff for Student Association, founder of O-Vents club, EOP

Best Experiences

Joining Cabinet. I was the first student to ever sit in on Cabinet meetings. The president of the Student Association asked me if I would sit in on these meetings because he wanted a student representative there. We’re working on a lot of things. Being a part of that and helping create change is the best experience. Not only am I representing a large population of campus but I’m also learning so much about myself and what I can do in the future.

EOP has been another really good resource in my life. It’s been a family, honestly. Whenever I need help with academics or anything financial, I go to them. We do counseling sessions just to keep up with grades and how everything’s going. It’s a group that helps you with anything. I’m so grateful for them.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I want to be an event planner. I have a minor in Communication Studies, and I’m leaning toward bringing people together and having that sense of unity, where people can go to events and de-stress – experiencing other cultures, hearing musical talents. I feel like that’s my passion – just bringing people together. I feel like that’s the core reason I want to be an event planner. I want to do big production events like concerts, conferences, meetings – that kind of thing. One thing that helped me realize this was when I founded O-Vents, which was acquired by the Activities Council. It was a club to bring people together and unite people. We did a talent show in the spring and then a talent show in the fall. It became a really big part of me because I wanted to add more diversity to campus and bring everyone together. I had about 400 attendees at these events. Seeing that unity felt amazing. I teared up.

About My Major

I was a psychology major my freshman year and I was sitting in class and I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’ I can’t just sit in a class – I have to do something and touch something to learn. I used to do theater in high school, planning productions and directing. I knew we had a theater major here, so I switched. That was the best choice of my life. I got into costuming. I’m doing a costuming internship now with the Theatre Department. Just being able to do things hands-on has been a great experience because you’re learning at the same time. I was spotlight operator for a show in the fall, so I got to learn how to move the lights, the direction they go in, and the cues. And that ties into event planning as well – you have all these different concepts coming together to create one production. So changing majors was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Favorite Class

Makeup! For Halloween, we did a horror makeup look and we got to use clay on our faces. It’s a really good class because you learn about how to do makeup but you also learn about makeup in theater and how it’s used for certain lighting and the shadows you have to keep in mind. Because seeing it from an audience perspective is much different from seeing it in the mirror. Knowing that and learning that was very interesting.

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