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Call For TLTC Fellows

  • Do you use a particular piece of educational technology in your classes? 
  • Would you be interested in sharing what you know about it with other faculty?

The TLTC is seeking Faculty Fellows to be the campus experts in one chosen educational technology (Clickers? Voicethread? R?) of your own interest. We seek faculty who would be willing to lead a mid-day seminar once per semester in this academic year to share with us and other interested colleagues what you know and be an on-call expert when questions arise.

Faculty who are accepted as TLTC Fellows will be awarded a stipend for the academic year to share their expertise in a single software title or piece of hardware. 

If you make use of an educational technology tool you think would be beneficial to the campus community and would like to become a TLTC Faculty Fellow in supporting that tool, please contact Tim Ploss at tim.ploss@oneonta.edu to relate your interest.

Our Faculty Fellows program was recently featured on John Kane's (of SUNY Oswego) Tea for Teaching podcast.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, we sponsored the following faculty as TLTC Fellows:

Rebecca Harrington, MA is the Health Educator at SUNY Oneonta where she provides leadership to both the know violence interpersonal violence prevention committee and the Alcohol & Other Drug committee. She's perhaps best known on campus for pushing the bubble on creative taglines.

Faculty Fellow Rebecca Harrington
Faculty Fellow Rebecca Harrington

Rebecca has contributed many hours to the SUNY system's initiatives including serving on the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Task Force on Sexual Violence Prevention's Subcommittee for Student Onboarding and Ongoing Education, contributing posters system-wide that illustrate aspects of the SUNY Sexual Violence Policy in student-friendly ways, and most recently in the development of the SPARC online training course.

It is through the SPARC that Rebecca learned to use Articulate Storyline to develop a creative commons licensed (through SUNY) online course that met the mandates of prevention education as detailed in NYS Education Law 129B (“Enough is Enough”).  The goal was to offer a low cost solution to rival third party vendors that were charging increasing sums of money as more states created mandates. To date, more than 150 colleges and universities have downloaded SPARC. SUNY anticipates the training of 1 million college students through this course within three to five years. Rebecca is now developing tools to guide SPARC campuses through that customization process.

She was recognized by the American College Health Association's as a Best New Professional in 2009. She was the recipient of the SUNY Oneonta Fran Daley award in 2012 in recognition of excellence within the Student Development division.

Her life balance includes playing tenor saxophone and singing with the band Blues Maneuver, one of the busiest working bands in the Catskills. Current free time interests include taking on a wide variety of home improvement adventures and spending time with her 9 year old Lego genius and budding Star Wars fan, Eli

Faculty Fellow Anita Levine
Faculty Fellow Anita Levine

Anita is an Associate Professor in the Elementary Education and Reading Department and teaches educational technology and methodology courses to those studying to become elementary school educators. She has engaged in several Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) projects with university faculty as well as public school teachers from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, and Italy. In addition to exploring the use of Web 2.0 technologies in the classroom, her research interests include the role that hope plays in teacher self-renewal, and international comparative education. Anita loves to travel whenever she can!

Faculty Fellow Bharath Ramkumar
Faculty Fellow Bharath Ramkumar

Bharath “Bhar” Ramkumar, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Fashion & Textiles in the Department of Human Ecology and the TLTC Faculty Fellow for Qualtrics, SUNY Oneonta’s new survey platform. With over four years of experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research in consumer behavior and marketing related topics, Bhar has used Qualtrics extensively for collecting and analyzing data for various research and teaching related projects. Bhar was selected as a runner-up of the SurveyMod competition held by Qualtrics in 2015 for creating “Flashtrics,” a flash card tool that students can use to learn and memorize definitions and terminologies.

Bhar's academic work was featured in the October 28, 2019 episode of The Academic Minute

Faculty Fellow Ursula Sanborn-Overby
Faculty Fellow Ursula Sanborn-Overby

Ursula Sanborn-Overby, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and the TLTC Faculty Fellow for Qualtrics, a recently acquired survey platform available for use at SUNY Oneonta. Ursula uses Qualtrics for her research that examines how peoples’ ideas about gender change over time, as well as research that looks at gender differences in decision making in the workplace. Ursula also uses Qualtrics in the classroom when teaching students about research methods within psychology and in improving her own teaching.

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