Internship Description

Print and complete this after consultation with the agency supervisor, and attach to the Internship application along with your Degree Works. Don't forget to include all the pages of this form. Attach additional pages if necessary.

Student Name and ID:

Internship agency name:

Internship start date:

Internship end date (last day of classes for the particular semester):

Deadline for submitting evaluation material (two days after the above end date):

Function of the agency (Graphic/Web Design, Media, Gallery, etc.):

Site Sponsor (also known as Agency Supervisor or Sponsor) email address:

Courses that have prepared you for this internship:

Why is this internship a unique educational opportunity for you and how does it prepare you for your future goals?

List the duties and work you will be doing during this Internship (in consultation with agency supervisor):

Internship Learning outcomes

  • Student will create a portfolio of creative work.
  • Student will apply art/design principles in a professional setting.
  • Student will expand on art/design principles and knowledge gained in the classroom by applying it to real-world environment.

Communications and Method of Evaluation

The faculty sponsor will communicate with the site supervisor at the beginning of the internship, and again in the middle of the semester to evaluate progress. More frequent communications will occur as necessary.

The student will contact the faculty sponsor at the beginning, middle, and end of the semester for progress evaluation.

Within two days of the internship’s conclusion, the agency supervisor will forward to the faculty sponsor a formal letter, evaluating the intern’s performance.

Two days after the internship’s conclusion, the intern will submit the following to the faculty sponsor:

  1. Daily journal of activities and projects completed
  2. Portfolio of projects the intern worked on, either in whole or in part

The final grade will be assigned based on the submitted material, and on the site supervisor’s formal evaluation letter.

Art Department Qualifications:

  • Junior or Senior Status/ more than 56 credits.
  • Overall GPA of 2.00 or above.
  • GPA of 3.00 or above in the Art Major.
  • Must be an officially declared Digital + Studio Art major (or the old Art or Computer Art majors).
  • Must have successfully completed at least one semester's work in a degree program at SUNY Oneonta.
  • Must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours in ARTS or CART classes.


  • The application process for an internship application requires a minimum of two weeks. Select a site well in advance and get the process started in the middle of the semester before your internship begins.
  • Retroactive approval of internships will not be granted.
  • For internships of 3 credits or more you must register before the end of the add/drop period to avoid late registration fees.
  • Summer Internships Applications must be completed on or before the last week of classes in May. The internship Coordinator is not available to process your application after that time period.
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