Peer Mentor Program

Peer Mentor Program

About the Program

The SUNY Oneonta Peer Mentor Program, formerly known as the AALANA Mentor Program, is a peer mentoring program that assists first-year and transfer students with the transition to college life.

The program was created in the spirit of building community among African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American (AALANA) students in order to ensure academic and social success. Navigating the differences between high school and college is often a challenge for first-year students, especially first-generation college goers. Peer mentors are chosen and trained to assist their first-year peers in transitioning to campus life. Mentors meet with their mentees to offer strategies for academic and social success through dialogue and example.

AALANA first-year students benefit from programming designed to assist in managing: roommate issues, managing academic and personal pressures, meeting people on campus, balancing finances, navigating through the array of opportunities that SUNY Oneonta provides.

Student Stories

"All the stresses and worries of being a new student to the campus can pile up into a heap of anxiety that can weigh a student down. The AALANA mentor program provides student support and teambuilding events that help all new students with their transitions to college, which in turn reduces the anxiety that students feel. I would like to thank all the mentors for all of the hard work they put into this program! You guys rock!"

--Sara-June Bouillon

"My mentor, Giselle, and I meet on a regular basis and our friendship has grown steadily. We go to the library more often and have little study groups with other students. Giselle tries to keep each one of her mentees informed about different activities that are taking place on campus and she is helping me in my quest for membership into Voices of Serenity. I appreciate Giselle’s reassuring smile and hugs and counsel. Having a mentor that is there for you whenever you need to talk to someone is a big comfort in college.”

--Faith Zanker

Joining the AALANA Mentor Program has been a great experience for me. I've learned time management skills which have been invaluable for me in the course of the semester, especially in making and keeping up with a study plan. By keeping up with my study schedule, I was able to realize I have a lot of free time in between classes and after dinner. With encouragement from my mentor, I have joined other clubs on campus. What I like best about SUNY Oneonta are all the friendly and helpful people that are there to direct you in the right direction.”

--Mena Haile

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