Reserve CME Space

How to Reserve a Room in the CME

Make sure that the room is available at the desired time by contacting the CME coordinator, Dasia Morman. Check the CME Schedule to see if dates are available.

Great Room

The Great Room is located on the bottom floor of Lee Hall. As you enter the bottom entrance, you will find the Great Room immediately to your left. We have the capacity to seat 125 people in this room. As the name indicates, it's the main room of the CME and has a sprawling colorful and inspirational mural across the right side, and windows spanning the opposite side and back wall. There are leather couches and chairs that span both sides, which can be changed as you prefer for your event. There are a projector and screen that is approximately 10'X10'. The sound system can accommodate mic systems, and play CD, DVD, and VHS media, as well as connections for an iPod/mp3player/computer via an RCA/Auxiliary input. There is staging preset along the back wall.

Multipurpose Room

The Multipurpose Room can also seat a capacity of 100 people. The room is equipped with a projector, and you can reserve a laptop, sound equipment, microphones, or an easel if needed.

Computer Lab

The computer lab upstairs is equipped with five computer stations, soft seating for six, and a board-style table for 10. The room also has a large whiteboard for group use. This room is primarily reserved for study hours, small meetings, or classes. If you aren’t sure if the space is right for you, please contact the CME Manager.

Other Services

If you need additional tech equipment, please contact Instructional Technologies at 607-436-3318 for assistance.

If you would like catering for your event, please contact Sodexo at 607-436-3934. Please note that catering requires a two-week minimum to prepare for an event.

Setup Styles

As you are considering the design of your event, consider that the Great Room and Multipurpose Room can accommodate the following setup styles:

CME Conference Style Floor Plan
Conference Style

Conference Style – depending on the room, this is either a hollow square or a hollow racetrack – this is best for meetings where all participants share but will also work for small presentations. This is available for the Multipurpose Room and the Great Room.

Classroom-Style Floor Plan
Classroom Style

Classroom Style – good for presentations to small groups or for giving exams where participation is limited and there is a main presenter. This is available for the Multipurpose Room and the Great Room.

U-Shaped Floor Plan

U-Shaped – good for presentations to larger groups where the facilitator needs to interact with everyone face to face. This is available for the Multipurpose Room and the Great Room.

Lecture-Style Floor Plan
Auditorium or Lecture Style

Auditorium or Lecture Style – best for performances and large presentations (maximizes space). This is available for the Multipurpose Room and the Great Room.

Banquet-Style Floor Plan
Banquet Style

Round Tables – good for meals and presentations where group work might be needed. We can seat 8-10 people at a standard round depending on needs. We also have some smaller tables that can be used for receptions (generally with limited seating). This is only available in the Great Room.

If none of these work, we can consider a custom setup. Please make an appointment with our reservations coordinator to discuss.

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