Business Cards

Business cards are provided by the Office of Communication and Marketing; there is no charge to your department. Cards are printed in sets of 100.

  • Business cards are standardized and the layout may not be altered.
  • All cards will have as the web URL.
  • All cards will have the same backside.

There are two steps to order business cards:

  1. Complete the Business Card Order Form
  2. Once your business card is designed, you will receive an email with your design file, which will need to be attached to a Print Shop Storefront ticket in order to have your business cards printed. Printing instructions will also be provided.
  1. Visit the Print Shop storefront and log into your user account.
  2. Click on “New Order” and select “Printing Order.”
  3. Select “100 Suny Oneonta Business Cards” for your print job category.
  4. Choose “2 x 3-1/2” for your finish size
  5. Enter a “Job Name” (something you can identify the job by).
  6. Bypass “Special Instructions”.
  7. Attach your file.
    1. Please submit files in .pdf format to ensure consistency of your job. Any other files will not be accepted.
  8. Select your billing and delivery information.
    1. Designate what department or account where you would like your order billed.
    2. Choose to either pick up your order at the Print Shop or have it shipped to you (some exceptions apply). (Intercampus mail will not deliver orders to offices in the Netzer Administration Building. Come on down to the basement and grab it from us in person!)
    3. If your order is needed earlier than the automatically generated due date, YOU MUST CONTACT US DIRECTLY to guarantee your job delivery.
  9. Either “Finish” and submit your order or “Save As Quote” for future use.

Once your order is submitted you will receive a confirmation email.

If you wish to make corrections to your order after it has been submitted please call or email us immediately* You will be billed if your job has already been sent to production before we are notified of changes

If you are notified that your order is pending new artwork, please email new files to referencing your job ticket number.

PLEASE NOTE: SUNY Oneonta has updated the design of its business cards. To re-order business cards, you will need to request an updated print-ready file and print new cards if:

  • your business card does not match the look below and needs to be updated.
  • you need changes made to the content on your card.


Front of SUNY Oneonta Business Card


Back of SUNY Oneonta Business Card

Please email or call Cindy McKown, in the Office of Communication and Marketing at 607-436-3400 with any questions.

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