Presenter FAQs

SRCA 2021 presenters must submit information about their presentation, including an abstract, online here no later than Monday, MARCH 15.

Presentation sessions will be hosted by Acadiate via a virtual platform, with three different ‘live’ poster session options: Thursday, April 15, 2–3 pm; and Friday, April 16, 10–11 am and 1–2 pm. All presentations must, in whole or in part, take the form of a PDF poster developed from a PowerPoint slide(s) to be uploaded through the Acadiate site. Presentations can also be ‘accessorized’ with supplemental materials and links such as additional documents, PPT slides, Sway presentations, videos, YouTube links of presentations or performances, other third party apps, etc. (link here and scroll down to view a webinar on how to organize an online poster session). Beginning March 15, a video training and written primer will be available to students on how to upload presentations (details forthcoming) by the deadline of Friday, April 2.

Guidance on how to create a PDF poster is available here; and samples of previous SUNY Oneonta student posters from across the disciplines can be found here. Samples of SUNY Oneonta SRCA abstracts are available on the SRCA website (links to Past SRCA Programs). The Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) is also a good resource for writing research abstracts and preparing posters.

Make Your Poster ADA Accessible

SUNY Oneonta posters displayed online must be ADA compliant or accessible. When your poster is available to people who use assistive technology, even more people will be able to read your research or creative work. Learning how to make your work accessible is an important part of training to become a scholar and researcher. You can make your posters accessible by following some easy steps as found in this PDF, Make an Online PowerPoint Poster Accessible.

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