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The crimes of sexual assault and rape tend to be misunderstood and a tremendous number of myths regarding them still persist in our society. In a perfect world prevention strategies would offer a direct means of decreasing the rates of sexual assault and rape. While holding this goal in our hearts and minds we need to take every available course of action in the meantime to reduce the harm. Hopefully, we can reduce the number of victims, but in the meantime, we need to assist victims in getting the support they need from their friends, family, and community.

One of the many obstacles to receiving help that a rape or sexual assault victim will face is that they might not be believed when they tell their story. Victim-blaming language plagues our society and therefore it serves as a good starting point to let everyone know that there are some simple things that they can do to decrease the harm caused by sexual assault and rape.

The Re-Think campaign was designed to increase knowledge about the common use of victim-blaming language in our society. Six commonly heard victim-blaming statements are addressed and correct language is suggested in flipping these messages to become perpetrator-blaming statements.

Step One: Becoming a part of Re-Think Yourself

If you haven’t already participated in the Re-Think campaign do that first. It takes about 20 minutes to take the pre-test, watch the video and take the post-test. You can do it all online. Scroll about two-thirds of the way down the page to get to the links labeled “pre-test” “video” (note: there are two video links, one for PC, one for Mac) and “post-test.”

Step Two: Preparing to Host Re-think

Call 607-436-3540 to let us know you will be hosting a Re-Think campaign program. You have two choices in how you present:

  • Online. Participants will do the program on their own via the web on their own. If you choose this option I will provide you with a draft email to send out. You will send me a roster and I will be able to tell you who has or has not completed the program.
  • In person. You will host this as a traditional program, the survey will be done on paper and you will need to provide an A/V set up to view the video from the Rethink website. Let me know how many sets of materials you think you will need, I will also provide a flyer for you to advertise your event.

Step Three: Implementing Re-think

If you are doing the online version, mail the sample email to your participants which include directions on how to complete the online version. If you are going the online route, I would suggest giving participants a deadline date and contacting me shortly after to go into the system to see how many members of your group have participated.

If you have chosen the paper route you will need to reserve a room and the necessary equipment to view the online video as well as advertise the program. Give each participant a survey packet, an envelope, and a pen. Ask the participants to read and sign the confidentiality statement on the first page before completing the pre-test. After everyone has completed the pre-test show the video and then ask them to complete the post-test. After the packet has been completely filled out participants should fold their packet and place in an envelope which they then seal. Write your name on the top of each envelope so that can be identified later as having attended your program. Return the envelopes and any unused materials back to me.

Step Four: Getting t-shirts

Once your group’s materials have been processed a t-shirt order will be put together and I will contact you to arrange a pick up.

Sample Email

[Insert any group specific information here]

The Re-Think campaign is a web-based program the reframes the issue of sexual violence away from blaming the victim to placing responsibility on perpetrators. There were several goals in mind as the SUNY Oneonta PAIRS committee developed this program. First, it incorporated recent research about “undetected rapists,” if you’ve seen shows like Criminal Minds you’ll understand the idea of a criminal profile, and this is the most current take on the criminal profile of the rapist. (Very, very few people are actually rapists).

A second goal of the program is to identify opportunities for us to shift how victims are responded to after an assault. Just by making slight changes in our language use we can ensure that victims get the support and services that they need.

You will be asked to complete a short pre-test, watch a 6.5 minute video and then take a short post-test. In all, it should take you between 15 and 20 minutes to complete the program. At the end of the program you will be given the opportunity to request a free Re-think campaign shirt and/or button. All SUNY Oneonta students who are part of the Re-think campaign will be asked to wear their shirts this semester on April 11, 2013. However, you can wear the shirt whenever you wish on other days.

Your responses to the pre and post test are confidential. If you have any questions about the campaign please call 607-436-3540.

[Insert any group specific information here]


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