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Passing Through the Pillars

Calculators, Goggles, Clickers, and Laptops

A limited supply of these items is available for AOP students to borrow. Stop by Netzer 110 or call 607-436-2496 for information.

External Scholarship Opportunities

AOP has a list of scholarships available that you can apply for. You can also work with your AOP counselor to help you. Click the link below to see the list of scholarships.

lIST OF Scholarships

Karl's Kloset

Karl's Kloset was inspired by EOP alum Karl Meier's desire to give back to the EOP community. Karl decided to donate his cap and gown along with $100 to purchase additional regalia so that students who could not afford the full cost of graduation would be given the chance to attend. Graduating seniors who are having a difficult time with the cost of graduation may borrow donated caps and gowns.

Karl Meier made the initial donation and we hope more graduates will donate their caps and gowns after use each year to build our inventory, so that future students may benefit from this program.


Lending Library

The AOP Lending Library is a collection of textbooks available to all AOP students at no cost. Our library contains books for a variety of subjects and classes and are available for the full semester. To reserve your books, please contact your counselor or log in and reserve your textbook online. Our library is always growing! If you are interested in donating your textbooks, please contact the AOP office at or (607) 436-2496.

School Supplies

We strive to provide our students with everything they need to be successful. AOP offers notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, highlighters, binders, and index cards at no cost to the student. Visit the AOP office to get your supplies!

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