Meet the EOP Director

Pathy Levia
Pathy Leiva, Director

Welcome to SUNY Oneonta and to Access and Opportunity Programs (EOP & ACE). EOP & ACE advances the mission of SUNY Oneonta through collaborative efforts with faculty and staff, drawing on their various competencies to promote academic excellence and further student learning and achievement.

Program staff are professional educators who share responsibility with faculty, other staff and students to create an environment where students are appreciated, supported and encouraged to excel in their area of study. Through these integrated efforts, AOP strives to foster in SUNY Oneonta students the values, abilities and dispositions essential to being an effective citizen in our ever-changing society. I hope you will take the time to explore the entire AOP Web Site in order to become acquainted with the eligibility guidelines and all the services we provide our students. Please take advantage of the opportunity to apply to SUNY Oneonta's EOP & ACE program. As a member of Money Magazine's "Top 100 College Buys" SUNY Oneonta is proud to offer a top quality liberal arts education at an affordable price. Please feel free to contact our office if you need additional information or assistance.

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