College Budget Committee

Committee Charge

The College Budget Committee recommends to the president an annual budget in a multi-year planning context. The Committee shall:

  • maintain a highly transparent, informative, and participatory operating budgeting process;
  • integrate campus strategic planning with the budgeting process;
  • analyze the budget context (e.g. state funding) and its impact on the institution; and
  • advise the president regarding the process of constructing annual divisional operating budgets and an overall college budget.


The College Budget Committee consists of:

  • vice president of finance and administration (chair);

  • classified staff representative;
  • College Senate presiding officer (or designee);
  • Student Association president (or designee);
  • Student Association vice president for finance (or designee);
  • Deans’ Council representative;
  • 3 Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation members;
  • provost;
  • associate vice president and chief enrollment management officer;
  • vice president of college advancement;
  • vice president of student development;
  • assistant vice president of strategy, planning & effectiveness;
  • chief diversity officer; and
  • senior executive employee services officer.

The assistant to the vice president of finance and administration staffs the Committee.

Budget and Student Fee Requests

The CBC administers an annual planning process for department/unit heads to seek:

  • new or increased operating budget allocations;
  • one-time funding in an amount greater than $10,000; and
  • new or increased student fees.

2019-2020 Timeline

Jan. 25, 2019
Requests are due to the Budget Office

February 2019
CBC review begins

April-May 2019
President shares most funding decisions with division leaders and departments/units

June 2019 or as soon as possible
President shares fee decisions with division leaders and departments/units


The Budget Office has created Budget Increase Request Forms and is available for consultation and assistance as needed. Any request involving staffing or any form of salary costs requires consultation with Employee Services.

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