Alicia Zysk

Alicia Zysk
Staten Island, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I knew I wanted to go to a SUNY school, and my friends and cousins applied here, so I said, ‘Why not just apply?’ I got in and as soon as I visited, I loved the whole atmosphere of it, and it just felt like home. It feels like everyone has your back here. It’s really nice.

My Activities

Intramural volleyball

Best Experiences

The intramural volleyball team is really fun! I also love all the different shows the college puts on and the comedians that come here.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

How friendly everyone is and how easy it is to make friends. Honestly, like, even if you're just at the dining hall, you could sit down and eat with anybody and they will befriend you. It’s not hard to make friends at all. My roommate and I met each other online through the class Facebook group, and we became really close. We're good friends now, so that's really nice.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

My dream is to be a lawyer. When [“Just Mercy” author] Bryan Stevenson came and spoke on campus, a lot of his views turned out to be some of the views that I was looking into. It was inspiring to me. A lot of people come here to talk, which is really cool. It really opens doors for people.

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