Angelica Matoske

Angelica Matoske
Schenectady, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

The majors that were available. I was deciding between two colleges, but the variety of majors here is what helped me choose Oneonta.

My Activities

Students of Color Coalition, Women and Gender Studies club

Best Experiences

Definitely meeting new people because my high school was really small. It was kind of like a test to myself to make new friends here. Especially this year – I moved in with three people I didn’t know. It’s really awesome making friends here because you’re actually living with them. I love college. In high school, I was stressed about what the workload would be like. But it’s really not as bad as I thought it would be if you apply yourself. And I love that I’m actually learning.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

Right now, I’m thinking of going to law school, something with civil rights. I really just want to help people, especially within the justice system. I want to help people get out of jail who don’t deserve to be in prison. I would love to travel before, though. I would love to study abroad next spring.

About My Major

I wanted to travel a lot, so International Development Studies was perfect. And I want to help people and be hands-on, I don’t want to be in an office all day. This past semester, I decided to dual major because I wanted to fill up my time with something else I’m passionate about.

Favorite Class

Gender, Power & Difference with Dr. Kachwala or Race, Gender, Class and Culture with Dr. Ashford. I loved these classes because we were really able to have discussions. I think you learn more when you hear the other people in your class talking. It’s more life skills, being knowledgeable and being able to explain how you feel. It’s really important to be able to explain yourself and where you’re coming from.

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