Kaitlyn Miller

Kaitlyn Miller
Hicksville, NY
Year of Graduation

After Oneonta

Kaitlyn graduated in December 2018. Here are her plans!

I got into my #1 grad school – the Cooperstown Graduate Program! I'll be one of 20 students enrolled in the museum studies program … and one of 10 students doing it under the science track!”

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I actually originally came here because I wanted to be a physical therapist. And I applied as a biology pre-physical therapy track, but I ended up becoming an anthropology major.

My Activities

Anthropology club, GSA, independent research

Best Experiences

I have a curatorial internship at the A.J. Read Science Discovery Center on campus. So I basically do a little bit of everything, from designing exhibits and programs to actually doing hands-on things with the children who visit. I was the first anthropology major to work there, so I've been trying to incorporate as much anthropology into the exhibits as possible!

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

Probably my relationship with my professors. Anthropology is such a small department that I was able to make connections with my professors, and they were able to get to know me so well that they were the ones that reached out to me and said, “You know, I'd like you to work on this research project” or, “I think you'd be a good fit for the Cooperstown Graduate Program.” They actually make the effort, which has made a huge difference.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I'm hoping to go to graduate school for museum studies and work at a museum, preferably a science, hands-on type of museum --something like the Science Discovery Center but on a bigger scale.

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