Leah Bascom

Leah Bascom
West Charlton, NY
Year of Graduation

What do you like best about the program?

As a May 2018 undergraduate student in Early Childhood/Childhood Education (B-6) from SUNY Oneonta, I was ecstatic that my alma mater offered a master’s program studying what I love, all online, too! Having the program be 100% online has been amazing toward balancing school with work responsibilities, and much of what my professors assigned to me was entirely applicable to my daily work environment so it was rewarding to see the things I’d learn through this program translate into my everyday teaching! All students and staff that you encounter and learn from in the program go the extra mile to ensure your success, and that “community” feel is still very much alive for me; even while online!

Future plans

Now that I have completed my master’s degree and am fully qualified to become a teacher, my ultimate goal is to become fully employed as an elementary school teacher or a reading teacher for the 2020-2021 school year! Though I have had a few long-term leave of absence positions teaching in a local district while working on my master’s, I can’t wait to be able to call a classroom my very own.

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