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Oneonta Philosophy Studies is a scholarly series that promotes exchange concerning traditional and contemporary issues in philosophy. Because comparative study often fosters appreciation and tolerance as well as understanding, special consideration is given to manuscripts that illuminate relationships between diverse or seemingly discrete views. Historical and cultural studies are especially welcome.

Manuscripts are subject to external review. The published material does not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board, the Philosophy Department, or State University of New York.

A series such as this depends on the vision, good will, and labor of many. Special appreciation is extended to the Asian Studies Development Program (ASDP), Institute of Global Cultural Studies (IGCS), Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy (SAGP), Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science (SSIPS), and SUNY Oneonta -- especially Michael P. Merilan (Dean of Science and Social Science), F. Daniel Larkin (Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs) and Alan B. Donovan (President).

Philosophical Dreams Book Cover

Douglas Shrader, editor 
Philosophical Dreams 
(Proceedings of the Seventh Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference)

2003 -- in preparation

The Way of Poetry: Essays on Poetics and Contemplative Transformation Book Cover

Patrick Laude 
The Way of Poetry: Essays on Poetics and Contemplative Transformation

2002 -- 244 + x pages 
ISBN 1-58684-177-7

Thinking Outside the Box Book Cover

Douglas Shrader, editor 
Thinking Outside the Box 
(Proceedings of the Sixth Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference)

2002 -- 284 + xxvi pages 
ISBN 1-58684-220-x

Philosophy and the Public Realm Book Cover

Douglas Shrader, editor 
Philosophy and the Public Realm 
(Proceedings of the Fifth Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference)

2001 -- 302 + xxvi pages 
ISBN 1-586841-16-5

Strange Birds From Zoroaster's Nest:  An Overview of Revealed Religions Book Cover

Laina Farhat-Holzman 
Strange Birds From Zoroaster's Nest: 
An Overview of Revealed Religions

2000 -- 236 + xiv pages 
ISBN 1-586840-31-2

The Fractal Self Book Cover

Douglas Shrader, editor 
The Fractal Self 
(Proceedings of the Fourth Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference)

2000 -- 286 + xxii pages 
ISBN 1-586840-42-8

Instant Nirvana:  Americanization of Mysticism and Meditation Book Cover

Ashok Kumar Malhotra 
Instant Nirvana: 
Americanization of Mysticism and Meditation

1999 -- 128 + xvi pages 
ISBN 1-883058-01-5

Children of Athena Book Cover

Douglas Shrader, editor 
Children of Athena 
(Proceedings of the Third Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference)

1999 -- 334 + xxi pages 
ISBN 1-883058-67-8

Language, Ethics, and Ontology Book Cover

Douglas Shrader, editor 
Language, Ethics, and Ontology 
(Proceedings of the Second Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference)

1998 -- 352 + xvi pages 
ISBN 1-883058-74-0

Seeds of Wisdom Book Cover

Douglas Shrader, editor 
Seeds of Wisdom 
(Proceedings of the First Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference)

1997 -- 162 + xii pages 
ISBN 1-883058-08-2

Essays in Islamic Philosophy,  Theology, and Mysticism Book Cover

Parviz Morewedge 
Essays in Islamic Philosophy, 
Theology, and Mysticism

1995 -- 265 + xxviii pages 
ISBN 0-9633277-7-1 

Jean Paul Sartre's Existentialism  in Literature and Philosophy Book Cover

Ashok Kumar Malhotra 
Jean Paul Sartre's Existentialism 
in Literature and Philosophy

1995 -- 154 + x pages 
ISBN 1-883058-14-7

Virtue, Order, Mind: Ancient,  Modern, and Post-Modern Perspectives Book Cover

Peter Vincent Amato, editor 
Virtue, Order, Mind: Ancient, 
Modern, and Post-Modern Perspectives

1994 -- 203 pages 
ISBN 1-883058-16-3

Research Papers
Near-Death Experiences: Scientific,  Philosophical, and Religious Perspectives Book Cover

Douglas W. Shrader 
Near-Death Experiences: Scientific, 
Philosophical, and Religious Perspectives

1995 -- 56 pages 
ISBN 0-9633277-9-8

On Hindu Philosophies of Experience:  Cults, Mysticism, and Meditations Book Cover

Ashok Kumar Malhotra 
On Hindu Philosophies of Experience: 
Cults, Mysticism, and Meditations

1993 -- 75 pages 
ISBN 1-883058-03-1

East-West Connections:  Review of Asian Studies Book Cover

David Jones, editor 
East-West Connections: 
Review of Asian Studies

Volume 1, Number 1: 2001 
ISSN Pending

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