Resources for Off-Campus Students

Quarantine and Isolation

Pack a “Go Bag” - Make sure to have the following items on hand:

  • Academic materials: Have all your textbooks and other supplies necessary for remote classwork.
  • Clothing: Have enough comfortable clothes and masks to last through your quarantine or isolation period. Try to keep up with your laundry now so you don’t run out of clean clothes.
  • Electronics: Grab your phone, computer and other devices. Remember to pack all the chargers, too!
  • Toiletries: Pack your bathroom kit, including toothbrush/toothpaste, hygiene products, hairbrush, etc.
  • Prescription medications: Maintain a supply of any regular prescription medications you need that will last you through your quarantine/isolation period.
  • Symptom relief: Cough drops, tissues and over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Thermometer: An inexpensive thermometer will help you monitor your health. Just make sure it has new batteries if it’s electronic!
  • Personal documents: Bring any valuable papers and identification with you in case they’re needed, such as your driver’s license, student ID, passport, etc.
  • Food and water:  Keep a stash of favorite snacks to tide you over and pack a reusable water bottle.
  • Self-care items: Pack some fun activities to do, such as books, puzzles, coloring books and gaming devices.

Reduce Your Risk

Take the following steps to reduce your risk of infection in the event that one of your housemates gets sick, tests positive for COVID-19 or becomes a close contact of someone who has tested positive:

  • Isolate: Anyone who is showing symptoms or has tested positive should be isolated within your residence. If possible, people who are sick should be given their own bathroom to use during their isolation period, housemates should help provide meals to the person in isolation so they can avoid using the kitchen, and the sick person should eat and work in their room through their 10-day isolation period. (You can also choose to isolate on campus. Please contact the Q&I team at 607-436-2077 for assistance.) 
  • Quarantine: Quarantine is for individuals who are symptomatic and awaiting a test result OR are determined to be close contacts to someone who is positive for COVID-19. Depending on vaccination status, housemates of someone who has tested positive may be directed to quarantine. Guidance for quarantine varies based on vaccination/booster status. See the "Quarantine & Isolation" section of the COVID-19 webpage for detailed instructions for various circumstances.

Those with symptoms waiting for test results must:

  • Quarantine until negative test result is received or 5 days symptom free, whichever is first.
  • (You can choose to quarantine on campus. Please contact the Q&I team at 607-436-2077 for assistance.)
  • Wear masks and socially distance:  To limit the spread of infection, all other household members should wear masks, practice social distancing, and regularly wash hands and sanitize common areas.

How to Safely Isolate in Your Off-Campus Apartment

  • Isolate means stay home, stay off campus, don’t go to work and avoid public settings unless it is an emergency. Immediately inform anyone who routinely visits the house of your isolation and restrict further contact throughout your isolation period.
  • Make arrangements to sleep in your own separate room.
  • Open windows when you can and use a fan in the window to direct a continuous flow of fresh air.
  • Wear a mask when you are outside of your room and do not congregate with others.
  • Frequently wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Keep the bathroom and kitchen clean. Avoid placing toothbrushes directly on counter surfaces and sharing utensils and cooking pans. Wipe down high-touch points like the microwave and refrigerator doors and use the dishwasher to clean your reusable dishes.
  • Check out this information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for some additional guidance for isolating when space is limited

Helpful Resources for Off-Campus Students

Off-Campus Resources
Service Name Address Phone Details
Food Pantry, Meals Salvation Army 25 River Street, Oneonta 607-432-5960 For Otsego County Residents
Food Pantry St. Mary's Church 38 Walnut Street, Oneonta 607-432-3920 Access once per month
Food Pantry St. James Church 20 Elm Street, Oneonta 607-432-3558 Afternoons by appointment
Grocery/Curbside Price Chopper 1000 Main Street, Oneonta 607-432-8905  
Grocery/Curbside Hannaford 705 St. Hwy. 28, Oneonta 607-432-0012  
Grocery/Curbside WalMart 5054 St. Hwy. 23, Oneonta 607-436-9557  
Meals Lord's Table 18 Elm Street, Oneonta 607-432-3558 Take out only
Meals Saturday's Bread 66 Chestnut Street, Oneonta 607-386-0522  
Financial Asst. Student Emergency Fund SUNY Oneonta N/A Subject to eligibility
Rx Delivery Rite Aid 94 Chestnut Street, Oneonta 607-432-6740 Must call a day in advance
Rx Delivery Rite Aid 400 Chestnut Street, Oneonta 607-432-3200 Same day if ordered before 12:30pm
Rx Delivery Walgreens 99 Chestnut Street, Oneonta 607-433-5101 Fed Ex Delivers (3-5 days)
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