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1280 x 549 Example Slider Image
Add caption here if you want to explain more about photo or have text on the graphic. Image size 1280 x 549 pixels

Adding Slider Images

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Slider images are typically reserved for your department or office main landing page. We recommend a maximum of three slider photos per page. If you decide to include slider images on other pages, please stick to the three-image maximum. Remember that sliders will add more scrolling depth to your page, which can make already long pages appear even longer on mobile and other smaller devices.

To add a slider image to your page, click on the SLIDER link and then click Select files.

You will be prompted to click to either upload or drag and drop your image from your computer into the select files panel. You can also use an image from the files listing.

Tip: When uploading new images, please use a common naming scheme such as Department Name or Acronym-Image Name (e.g. Biology-Greenhouse; NSS-Orientation1). This will make it easier for you and other web editors from your office or department to locate images that appear on your pages in the Files library.

Images for this section should be sized to the following dimensions:

Width: 1280px
Height: 549px
Resolution: 72dpi


  1. Drag into your browser or use the 'browse to image' into the upload block or 'Select from the Files' menu
  2. Click the image you want and 'Use Selected'
  3. Add Alternative Text * and Title which will show up as a caption under the image
    1. When embedding a decorative image (an image that does not present important content nor has a function), enter <none> in the Alternative Text field to signify the image should have an empty alt attribute value (e.g., alt="", sometimes call "null" alternative text). See WebAIM's article on Alternative Text for more information.

  4. You can replace the image by selecting the edit button, or remove it entirely from your slider menu with the remove button

Images for the Web

Please use the following information to size and add your images to your website.  

PSD Templates

Download Department Slider PSD Template

Download Portrait PSD Template

Size Recommendations

Page Sliders:
Width: 1280px
Height: 549px
Resolution: 72dpi

Square Images
Width: 400px
Resolution: 72dpi

Faculty Profile Images
Width: 400px
Height: 480px
Resolution: 72dpi

or Width: 320 x Height: 480

Horizontal Images
Width: 480px
Height: 400px
Resolution: 72dpi

Activity Strip Images (Image Gallery)
Images for the activity strip (gallery) should have a width no larger than 480 pixels wide, and the height should adjust proportionally.

Width: 400px or 480px
Height: 480px or 400px

Activity Strip Tutorial

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