Getting Started

Logging into Drupal

Log in with single-sign-on to edit a webpage:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “ONEONTA SINGLE SIGN ON” button.
  3. Once redirected and prompted, enter your Oneonta username and password.

Access the page editor

  1. Search for your department or college office page you have access to edit
  2. Click the Edit tab that is displayed below the title of the page in order to access the page editor.

Basic Page Sections

Title: The text that is displayed at the top of the page that reflects the page content.

SLIDER: The slideshow of images located near the top of the page. Images can be added or removed from this section.

MAIN REGION: This section contains the bulk of the content on the page. It contains everything in the middle of the page under the SLIDER section.

Sidebar: This section contains all of the content on the right side of the page. This area is generally used for contact information.

KEY LINKS: This section determines which links are specifically displayed only on the page you are currently editing. The KEY LINKS section is displayed as a grey box under the main menu on the left side of the page.

Once you are finished making the edits to the page scroll to the bottom and click the Save button. If you made changes to the page that you do not want to save scroll to the top of the page and click the View tab. This will return you to the front end of the page without saving any of your changes.

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