SUNY Pride Conference

SUNY Pride Conference

October 22 - October 24, 2021

Advocating With Change

The committee cordially invites students, community members, resource professionals, junior and senior faculty, and administrators to submit proposals for our virtual conference's theme: Advocating with Change. For this year’s SUNY Pride Conference, we are encouraging participants to reflect on ways they have needed to change the forms of advocacy throughout the changing times of current events. Today’s students entering college come with new attitudes and understandings around gender and sexuality. Additionally, during the 2020 year we have all witnessed a large Civil Rights Movement for the United States, which has had an effect on all of us, and largely impacted people within our LGBTQIA+ community. Despite the progress made in different areas of policy, education, and pop culture, there’s still a lot of work to be done in order to give the best support and education to students in a nation and world full of uncertainty. To this effect, this year’s theme serves to provide an avenue for different voices to be heard and allow for greater representation of individuals who are so often silenced.

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Conference Schedule - Registration Links to be Added 10/21

Friday, October 22

Fun Fall Activities, Waterfront Room, Hunt Union (SUNY Oneonta Folks Only)

Queer Trivia Kahoot Game (Virtual Event)
Boos Down The House Drag Show, Hamblin Theater (SUNY Oneonta Folks Only)

Saturday, October 23

Check In (SUNY Oneonta Only): 8:30am in Hunt Union

Conference Welcome:

Session Options:

Title: A Conversation about Wellness, Mental Health and an Introduction to Gender Affirming Care
Speakers: Patti Noon (they/them), Justine Woolner-Wise (she/her), Gender Wellness Center
Emily Phelps (she/her), Rebecca Harrington (she/her), SUNY Oneonta
Description: Emily Phelps will facilitate a conversation about mental health, wellness and the impact of intersectionality in Queer & Gender Non-Conforming Communities. The audience will be invited to ask any and all questions of the presenters, who have many years of experience providing gender affirming mental health care. Rebecca Harrington, SUNY health educator will join the presenters in the roundtable discussion.
Topic tags: Transgender, Queer, Wellness, Nonbinary, Mental Health
Competency Level: Intermediate
Open to: Students and Professionals

Physical Location: Fitzelle 105

Title: Preparing LGBTQ+ Students for Career Challenges: The LGBTQ+ Career Readiness Certificate at SUNY Geneseo
Speakers: Charlotte Wade, Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs for LGBTQ+ Life (She/They), SUNY Geneseo
Description: LGBTQ+ people face unique challenges in the workplace and over the course of their careers, yet their specific needs are largely unaddressed in the greater landscape of higher education career services. Through this session, participants will learn about barriers faced by LGBTQ+ professionals and the role that higher education institutions can play in preparing students. The presenter will share tips and frameworks that have been utilized in the LGBTQ+ Career Readiness Certificate at SUNY Geneseo, as well as present on preliminary results of this new program. Participants will leave the session with a greater understanding of barriers to career success for LGBTQ+ individuals and strategies for higher education institutions to address gaps in service.
Topic tags: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Career
Competency Level: Intermediate
Open to: Professionals

Physical Location: Butternut Valley Room, Hunt Union

Title: Children’s Literature and Gender Identity and Expression
Speakers: Dr. Sasha R. Ramlal (she/her/hers), Associate Professor, SUNY Oneonta
Description: This session seeks to explore the ways pre-service teachers use children’s literature to plan inclusive elementary classroom communities in their future classrooms. Through the use of children’s books and multimodal literacies (Kress, 2003), the pre-service teachers plan impactful spaces for discourse relating to diversity and inclusion, while still connecting to the school’s traditional literacy curriculum. Dyson (1997) studies how children may challenge complex relationships relating to gender and power by using the classroom as a forum to manipulate their social relations. Thus, this session focuses on best practices for future classroom teachers. The goal is to consider ways educators in a K-6 school setting may create an inclusive classroom environment and promote school-aged children to explore issues relating to gender identity and expression.
Topic tags: Transgender, Nonbinary, Advocacy
Competency Level: Beginner
Open to: Students and Professionals

Physical Location: Leatherstocking Room, Hunt Union

Title: LGBTQIA+ Coffee Hour & Discussion
Description: Faculty, staff, and professionals, please join SUNY Oneonta The Office of Equity and Inclusion as we host a candid dialogue about campus programs, successes, and areas of improvement on our campuses. This is a great opportunity to network and share ideas.
Open to: Professionals


Title: Student Leader Discussion
Description: If you're a student leader/advocate, please join student coordinators from The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center as we host a candid dialogue about campus programs, successes, and areas of improvement on our campuses. This is a great opportunity to network and share ideas.
Open to: Students

Physical Location: Leatherstocking Room, Hunt Union

Session Options:

Title: Radical Queer Politics: Intersectionality, Abolition, and Transformative Justice
Speakers: Chloe Diamond-Lenow, Dr. (she/they) & Shahin Kachwala, Dr. (she/her), SUNY Oneonta
Description: This panel offers a genealogy around, and application of, theories of intersectionality, abolition, and transformative justice from queer and trans perspectives. It takes as its departure a discussion of Dashka Slater’s The 57 Bus, SUNY Oneonta’s 2021 Common Read book, which traces the story of two teenagers—a white nonbinary private school student and a black teen boy—in relation to a hate crime and both teen’s experiences in its aftermath. We ask how the book allows us to imagine queer coalitional futures of social justice that seek liberation from systems of subordination. Rather than assimilating into systems that reproduce violence against queer and trans folks, people of color, women, and other marginalized groups, radical queer politics offers a framework for addressing social issues like the prison industrial complex and hate crime legislation, grounded in transformational frameworks that seek to build alternatives to the systems that uphold white supremacist heteropatriarchy.
Topic tags: Transgender, Queer, Nonbinary, Advocacy, Intersectionality
Competency Level: Beginner
Open to: Students and Professionals

Physical Location: Fitzelle 303

Title: Sharing Our Own Stories
Speakers: Joe Cosentino (he/him/his), Chair of the Department of Performing, Visual Arts, and Communication/Chair of LGBTQ of DCC Committee/Professor of Theatre and Speech, SUNY Dutchess Community College
Description: LGBTQ people have been removed from many history books. We are constantly described, labelled, and even silenced by the mainstream media. It is imperative for our health, longevity, and future generations that we share our own stories. Award-winning author and college educator Joe Cosentino will share some of his published fiction based on his life. Next, he will offer first-hand tools like using sense memory and emotional recall to get started creating and sharing your own stories through literature, visual arts, theatre, and film. Finally, we will communicate and celebrate ourselves through the first buddings of our stories.
Topic tags: Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Queer, Wellness
Competency Level: Beginner
Open to: Students and Professionals

Physical Location: Leatherstocking Room, Hunt Union

Title: Radical Queer Care: Histories and Practices
Speakers: Dr. Chloe Diamond-Lenow (she/they), Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, SUNY Oneonta
Description: Queer communities have long practiced care as a method of survival, community making, and practice of the self. Black lesbian feminist poet Audre Lorde famously wrote, “caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation. And that is an act of political warfare.” Lorde offers this reflection during her experiences living with, and dying from, cancer, in the midst of her work to build radical new formations of care with other black women and LGBTQ people of color in contexts of anti-blackness, heteropatriarchy, and white supremacy in the United States. This blended panel/workshop offers a discussion of histories around radical self and community care, from work like Lorde’s, to organizations like ACT UP!. It also offers an overview of contemporary practices of radical queer care, from trans affirming yoga, to mutual aid programs. It ends with an optional short meditation and gentle restorative yoga session as an applied example.
Topic tags: Queer, Wellness, Intersectionality, History/Herstory, Mental Health
Competency Level: Beginner
Open to: Students and Professionals

Physical Location: Fitzelle 304

Sunday, October 24

Check In (SUNY Oneonta Only): 9:00am in Hunt Union

Session Options:

Title: Intersectional Detention: The LGBTQIA+ Struggle
Speakers: Alyssa Carbone (she/her/ella), Student & Luminous Letter Project Fellow, SUNY Oneonta
Description: This dynamic and engaging presentation will focus on the intersectionality between both the immigrant experience and the LGBTQIA+ struggle for recognition and acceptance within our society. We will analyze the experiences of vulnerable LGBTQIA+ asylum-seekers, their mistreatment in detention centers, and the converging issues of LGBTQIA+ rights and immigrant rights through the lens of social justice. Join this presentation to get informed and learn to be an advocate for the rights of these resilient individuals.
Topic tags: Allyship, Advocacy, Intersectionality, Privilege (such as cis/het/male/white), History/Herstory
Competency Level: Beginner
Open to: Students

Physical Location: Butternut Valley Room, Hunt Union

Title: LGBTQIA+ in the 21st Century

Speakers: See Below

Moderator: Johanna Kendrick-Holmes (she/her), Director of NYC Special Events and Programs; SUNY System Administration

• Kalief Metellus (he/him); Student Advocate Fellow for SUNY, SUNY System Administration
• Tendaji Ya’Ukuu [ten-DAH-he, yah-OO-koo] (they/them); SUNY Morrisville
• Kim A. Scalzo (She/Her/Hers), Executive Director of SUNY Online and Interim Executive Director of Academic technology and Information Services; SUNY System Administration
• David Cantaffa, Associate Provost for Academic Programs, Planning, and Assessment; SUNY System Administration
• Eliott Houghtelling (they/them/theirs); Alfred University
• Jaylen Williams (He/Him/His); SUNY Old Westbury

​​​​​Description: It's all too easy to disagree or get into heated rhetoric debates on LGBTQIA+ marriage, job rights and non-discrimination laws, adoption and parenting, military duty, or hate crimes, which can derail discussions with individuals who aren't familiar with the issues. This conversation around the LGBTQIA+ community will show organizations, community members, and supporters how to connect with shifting audiences, explain to them how their actions can harm gay and transgender people, and help them understand LGBTQ equality problems through the lenses of their own values and beliefs.
Topic tags: Queer, Mental Health, Advocacy, Intersectionality, Transgender
Competency Level: Beginner
Open to: Students and Professionals

Physical Location: Leatherstocking Room, Hunt Union

Title: Words Matter: Inclusive Language in Higher Education
Speakers: Karmyn Ramirez (She/Her/Ella), M.A., Academic Advisor, SUNY Oneonta & James Clark (He/Him/His), Academic Advisor, Kean University
Description: This presentation will focus on the use of inclusive language and practices in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Language plays a crucial role in our work as higher education professionals and allows us to take a more equitable and inclusive approach to our work. The way we speak and the words we choose can be the difference between a welcoming space, conducive for growth and development, for students and a space that invalidates and threatens students. This program will provide participants with foundational linguistic knowledge, principles of inclusive language, communicative strategies for immediate application, and allow for honest conversations surrounding inclusivity and language.
Topic tags: Queer, Allyship, Advocacy, Intersectionality, Mental Health
Competency Level: Beginner
Open to: Students and Professionals

Physical Location: Fitzelle 304

Title: Intercultural Performance of Poems by 3 World-Class Bisexually Oriented Poets, with Reciter's Comment Poems
Speakers: Martin Bidney (he, him), Binghamton University
Description: Professor Bidney will recite some of the greatest poems ever written, with his own verses of comment. He will read a homoerotic soliloquy from Eclogues of Virgil, most prestigious poet of Imperial Rome. He will also read poems about wine and homosocial tavern romance from Sufi poet Muhammad Shemseddin Hafiz. In addition, he will read poems by the narrator of Shakespeare's sonnets addressed to his boyfriend, "Master-Mistress of my passion." All translations are his, and he is always the interviewer of the poet he translates or respond to.
Topic tags: Gay, Bisexual, Wellness, Nonbinary, Mental Health, Sexual Health
Competency Level: Beginner
Open to: Students and Professionals

Physical Location: Fitzelle 105

Title: LGBTQIA+ Professional Networking Hour
Description: Do you identify as an LGBTQIA+ professional? Want to connect with others in the queer community who work in higher education or other professional fields? Join us for an informal meet and greet and discuss your experiences at your institutions while networking with colleagues.
Open to: Professionals


Title: LGBTQIA+ Student Casual Hour
Description: Are you a student that identifies as part of the LGBTQIA+ community? Want to meet other students within the queer community? Join members of SUNY Oneonta's Gender and Sexuality Alliance as we play some fun online games and connect with each other.
Open to: Students

Physical Location: Fitzelle 105

Session Options:

Title: University at Albany: The Harvey House - A Intersectional Community
Speakers: Jake Evans (He/Him/His), Graduate Coordinator - Gender & Sexuality Resource Center (Office of Intercultural Student Engagement), Sarah Amplo (She/They/Them), Peer Educator - Gender & Sexuality Resource Center (Office of Intercultural Student Engagement), & Jameelee Ford (She/Her/Hers), Assistant Director for Community Development & Programming (Department of Residential Life), University at Albany
Description: Named to honor of University at Albany alumnus and LGBTQ+ icon Harvey Milk, Harvey House is an intentionally intersectional residential community designed to celebrate and affirm the cultural experiences of LGBTQ+ students and their allies. The idea blossomed out of the personal needs of LGBTQ+ students’ campus wide, and nationwide. As one of the first LGBTQ+ living communities in the SUNY system, Harvey House and its founders hope to inspire other SUNY students and administrators to implement similar models in their residential housing spaces. At this presentation, those who worked on implementing Harvey House will speak about their experiences, how students and administrators can work together to open their own LGBTQ+ living communities and issue a call to action to help make safer spaces on our college campuses. As Harvey Milk once said, “Rights are won only by those who make their voices heard.”
Topic tags: Queer, Advocacy, Allyship, Wellness, Intersectionality
Competency Level: Intermediate
Open to: Students and Professionals

Physical Location: Butternut Valley Room, Hunt Union

Title: Using Consultation to Fight Discrimination: A Queer College Kid's Story
Speakers: Name: John Biringer (he/him/his), Advisor for the Office of Student Life & Leadership Development, Monroe Community College
Description: The first section of the presentation will focus on how members of the queer community experience higher rates of suicidal ideation, heterosexism, and mental health concerns, in comparison to their straight peers. Then we discuss how Queer Group Therapy can help queer college students, especially regarding issues previously listed. Next, we will have small break-out groups where we can have more focused conversations. Finally, we will have a larger group reflection.
Topic tags: Queer, Wellness, Mental Health
Competency Level: Intermediate
Open to: Students and Professionals

Physical Location: Leatherstocking Room, Hunt Union

Title: Advocacy Work and Allyship
Speakers: Michelle Schneider (she/her/hers) & Minele Youssef (she/her/hers), GSRC Student Coordinators, SUNY Oneonta
Description: The advancement of protections and equal rights legislation for the queer community, in addition to the efforts made against such positive change, greatly affect the queer community, and its allies, and can lead to a variety of conversations around the circumstances of these systemic measures. In this presentation, and in response to the current discourse surrounding contemporary political and social change, practices and actions that promote positive change, for members of the queer community and its allies, will be discussed. Furthermore, examining allyship as a form of advocacy work will also be discussed.
Topic tags: Allyship, Advocacy, Privilege (such as cis/het/male/white)
Competency Level: Beginner
Open to: Students and Professionals

Physical Location: Fitzelle 105

Conference Closing:

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• Identify multiple aspects of diversity, including the ongoing development of identity and creating an inclusive community.
• Explore and analyze historical and/or current trends and issues that LGBTQ+ college students face.
• Create a network of student leaders and professionals.
• Explore impactful approaches to diversity, inclusion, and wellness through historical and/or future-oriented lenses.
• Create an understanding of the importance of intersectionality within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Conference Planning Committee:

  • Emily Phelps, Planning Chair
  • George Archundia
  • Kirsten Kemmerer
  • Tycarlous Deberry
  • Karmyn Ramirez
  • Katie Agar
  • Liberty Sager
  • Michelle Schneider
  • Eric Nesbitt
  • Mia Ramirez
  • Minele Youssef
  • Em Fields
  • Jesse Martinez
  • Chelsea Sookra
  • Rebecca Cairo
  • Jillian Davis
  • Hadley Chan
  • Em Gonzalez

This year's conference sponsors include:

  • Gender and Sexuality Resource Center
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance
  • Office of Equity & Inclusion
  • Office of Student Life & Leadership
  • Sodexo Dining Services
  • Office of Residential Community Life
  • Activities Council
  • Student Association

And a special thanks to the NYS Governor's Office and Division of Human Rights for their continued support.

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