Eligibility for Services

Who is Eligible for Health Center Services?

Services at the Health Center are available only to SUNY Oneonta students (part-time and full-time). Students. Once a student has withdrawn, been dismissed, or graduated they are no longer eligible for health care at the Health Center.

It is required that a student have a completed Proof of Immunization Form and Health History prior to being seen for health services at the Health Center.

Medical Management of Students when the Health Center is not open

It is the student's responsibility to obtain medical care for urgent medical problems that occur when the Health Center is not open, and that cannot wait until the Health Center re-opens. The student can obtain medical care from their own private provider, or establish care with a local provider. A third option is to obtain care from an urgent care center located in Oneonta.

Medical emergencies at those times when the Health Center is closed are to be sent to A.O. Fox Emergency Department by ambulance, car, by calling 911, or calling University Police at 436-3550.

In the event of a medical emergency or accident:

  • Call University Police at 911 or 436-3550.
  • Be specific about the location of the emergency, including building name and room number.
  • University Police will dispatch a car or the Oneonta State Emergency Squad to the site of the emergency and will be prepared to administer first aid as qualified and needed.
  • If it is determined by University Police that an ambulance is needed, one will be called by them and the student will be transported to the hospital.
  • It is important that University Police make the call for the ambulance since it has a radio dispatch system and can have an ambulance respond more quickly.

Dismissal of Health Services for Students

The following types of students can be dismissed from care from the Health Center:

  • Students that are or become extremely difficult to provide care for due to complicated medical conditions/histories.
  • Students that become extremely difficult to provide care for due to behavioral problems, such as poor compliance or hostile behavior, that have been counseled and informed of the consequences if this behavior continues.

(Note: The student will not be abandoned from care until the establishment of a new health care provider is made).

All student information held at the Health and Wellness Center is strictly confidential, and will not be released without written or phone consent by the student. This includes inquiries from parents, private health care providers, professors, and other students. Students under 18 year of age must have parental permission to be seen and treated at the Health and Wellness Center, with the exception of emergency situations, emancipated minors, or reproductive health issues.


Health and Wellness Center

Phone: (607) 436-3573

Fax: (607) 436-2074


Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30pm


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