College Style Policy

Approved by the president
June 12, 2018

Policy Contact
chief communication and marketing officer

Policy Statement

SUNY Oneonta created graphical images, selected certain typefaces, identified a specific color, and instituted other conventions for use in the college’s presentations of itself. These elements, along with instructions for their use, constitute aesthetic standards that such communication must meet.


SUNY Oneonta benefits from being recognized as a particular institution among similar and seemingly similar others. As such, the college has established a specific aesthetic to reinforce its identity through conspicuous, consistent repetition within its marketplace.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to members of the college community who in their roles are directly or indirectly responsible for creating and disseminating content for or about SUNY Oneonta.

Policy Elaboration

The College Style Guide memorializes the aesthetic standards for the college’s presentation of itself.

The Institutional Communication Group (ICG) interprets and implements the College Style Guide. ICG’s members are:

  • associate director of digital strategy
  • assistant athletic director/sports information director
  • chief communication and marketing officer (chair)
  • director of advancement services
  • director of alumni engagement
  • director of continuing education and summer session
  • executive director of admissions
  • facilities program coordinator

ICG generally meets monthly. It entertains and responds to requests for clarification about, exemptions from, and changes to the College Style Guide.




To request clarification about, an exemption from, or a change to any College Style Guide standard, contact an ICG member.



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