Web Policy

The purpose of the SUNY Oneonta website is to promote the mission of the College by providing access to and information about the college, its academic resources, and student services. For our potential and current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other audiences, we strive to maintain a current, informative, high quality, professional, and visually appealing presence on the World Wide Web. 

Pages made available on the World Wide Web (WWW) are accessible by all computers connected to the Internet and also have some degree of permanence. As such, web pages must be regarded in the same light as publications and written communications. Therefore, all WWW pages will abide by the federal copyright laws and all applicable federal, state, and local laws relating to written expression. In addition, the College's Code of Computer Ethics and the SUNY Computer and Network Usage Policy apply to all developers and users.

The following policies apply to all official pages on the SUNY Oneonta World Wide Web site:

  1. The SUNY Oneonta home page and pages linked directly from it are official publications of the college and a reflection of the college. These pages are the responsibility of the Web Coordinating Team and are maintained by the College's Web Coordinator. Requests to link to these pages must be made through the Divisional Web Coordinator or Web Advisory Group to the Web Coordinating Team.
  2. Pages created by or for recognized departments, programs, units, or student groups of the college are also considered official publications of the college and official pages. The Divisional Web Coordinator must review them before they are posted to ensure that they are consistent with the college's mission and image. Each department, program, unit, or group with a web page or site must designate a person responsible for its content and maintenance, much in the same way that individuals are responsible for the accuracy of information in the College Catalog. The opening page of each official site must identify the person responsible for the site, list or link to that person's e‐mail address, indicate the date that the site was last reviewed, and link back to the College's home page or a page linked directly from the College's homepage.
  3. The person responsible for the official web page or site of a department, program, unit, or group must review it at least twice a year and update it as needed to ensure that the information on it is timely and accurate.
  4. The College's Web Coordinator will provide appropriate tools and assistance to the persons responsible for official college web pages. The tools will include templates, images, and common material for use on college web pages. The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center will provide assistance to faculty members who wish to develop pages for academic purposes. Computing Services will manage the resource and technical issues regarding web accounts, college servers, and system configuration.

The following policies apply to all unofficial pages on the SUNY Oneonta web site:

  1. Students, faculty, and staff of the College may develop unofficial, or personal, pages relevant to the individual's role at the college. Pages must be consistent with the College's Code of Computer Ethics, other applicable College policies, and local, state, and federal laws.
  2. The opening page of each unofficial site should identify the person responsible for the site and list or link to that person's e‐mail address.
  3. The following disclaimer applies to all unofficial pages on the SUNY Oneonta website: The views and opinions expressed on unofficial pages are those of the page developers and not necessarily those of SUNY Oneonta.

The content of unofficial pages has not been reviewed or approved by the college, and the college cannot accept responsibility for their contents. Comments on the contents of unofficial pages should be directed to the developers of those pages.

Policy Approved by the President, March 1999; revised August 2000