Students do not need to audition or interview in order to be accepted into the theatre program. Any student accepted into the college, or currently enrolled, may choose to declare as a theatre major, or pursue a minor in theatre or dance. Students applying to the college with the intention of majoring in theatre are encouraged to participate in the Special Talent Program.

Special Talent Program

The Special Talent Program is designed for students who intend to major in theatre if admitted to SUNY Oneonta. Under the Special Talent Program, we invite you to provide additional materials showcasing your unique talents to be considered along with your regular admissions application. Put simply, this is an opportunity for you to bolster your academic credentials with your practical experience in the performing arts.


The requirements of the theatre program allow for students to double major if desired. It is recommended, however, that students considering a double major make the decision early on and meet with advisors from both programs of study to chart the best possible path to successful completion of both majors. It is further recommended that students relying on aid to finance a double major consult carefully with the Financial Aid and Academic Advisement offices, particularly with regard to the subject of degree applicable credit (DAC).


Transferring into the theatre program is readily achieved through the SUNY system. It is strongly recommended that students that are requesting transfer to SUNY Oneonta for theatre contact the department for guidance on the best possible path through the program.

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