About Us

The Department of Communication & Media houses a community of thriving teachers, scholars, artists, and practitioners across the fields of Communication Studies and Media Studies, bringing 21st-century approaches to the study of communication to SUNY Oneonta.

Two Academic Degree Programs:

B.S. in Communication Studies

Students working toward a degree in communication studies take courses in intercultural communication, relational communication, organizational and small group communication, and rhetoric. Our students graduate with a greater appreciation and understanding of the vital role communication plays in social change, and what it means to engage the world as participatory citizens while building communication skills that excite employers and graduate school programs.

B.S. in Media Studies

SUNY Oneonta’s Media Studies major (formerly Mass Communication) prepares students for careers in new media, film, television, audio production, and media criticism. The program combines critical media scholarship with hands-on content production experiences so students develop the skills they need for 21st-century media professions.

Whether our students move on to professional world or continue their education in graduate studies, our goal is to facilitate growth in our students to meet the demands of the increasingly complex, complicated, dynamic, and globalizing world.

Mission Statement

The Department of Communication & Media at SUNY Oneonta is a community of learners, scholars, and practitioners with a mission to foster critical, collaborative, creative communicators and active, informed citizens who contribute meaningfully to their communities and professions.

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