Conference Schedule

SESSION 1: 10:00-11:00

Panel A: No Country for Old Men
Chair: Summer Howard (SUNY Oneonta)
Location: Morris 104
Jason Birkelbach (SUNY Oneonta): “Cycles of Violence in No Country for Old Men.”
Allyson Rocco (SUNY Oneonta): “Objective Morality and No Country for Old Men.”
Lindsey Ryan (SUNY Oneonta): “No Country for Old Men’s Code of Honor.”

Panel B: Constructing and Deconstructing the Classics
Chair: Shelby Corwin (SUNY Oneonta)
Location: Morris 130
Nikki DeFruscio (SUNY Oneonta): “Wonder Woman Wrecks Sappho.”
Kate Flynn (SUNY Oneonta): “Euripides, the Backwards Lawyer: Medea’s Guilt and Innocence.”
Michael Ludlum (SUNY Oneonta): “‘Wandering Along the Hao River’: Bridging the Zhuangzi and Western Satirist Tradition.”

SESSION 2: 11:05-12:20

Panel C: Women in Literature
Chair: Brianna Supensky (SUNY Oneonta)
Location: Morris 104
Shelby Corwin (SUNY Oneonta): “What’s in a Name? Gender and Naming in Southern Women’s Literature.”
Amanda Hill (St. Joseph’s College): “Suicide or Rebirth? The Awakening.”
Summer Howard (SUNY Oneonta): “Our Funny Pharaoh: Antony and Cleopatra.”
Alice Mazzei (SUNY Oneonta): “Northanger Abbey and Eden.”

Panel D: As I Lay Dying
Chair: Courtney Cowie (St. Joseph’s College)
Location: Morris 130
Catalina Benavides (St. Joseph’s College): “Anse Bundren’s Intentions in As I Lay Dying.”
Alexandria Metz (St. Joseph’s College): “As I Lay Dying: A Journey through Tragedy.”
Brianna Parisi (St. Joseph’s College): “Cash’s Construction of As I Lay Dying.”
Andrew Schlosser (St. Joseph’s College): “The Gospels According to Bundren.”

LUNCH 12:30-1:25

Location: Le Café, basement, Morris Conference Center

SESSION 3: 1:30-2:30

Panel E: Race and Literature
Chair: Jason Birkelbach (SUNY Oneonta)
Location: Morris 104
Emily Ahlqvist (SUNY Oneonta): “The Absence of Race in Giovanni’s Room.”
Nick Darbouze (SUNY Oneonta): “You have dirt; I have land: Land and Power in Mudbound and This Child’s Gonna Live.”
Claire Flynn (SUNY Oneonta): “Beyond the Nuclear Family: African American Female Kinship
and the Social Poetics of Care in Sarah E. Wright’s This Child’s Gonna Live.”

Panel F: Twentieth-Century Poetry
Chair: Michael Ludlum (SUNY Oneonta)
Location: Morris 130
Gabriela Lucivero (St. Joseph’s College): “Beating the Vertigo of Vorticism with Poetry.”
Rani Srinivasan (Queens College): “Transculturation: Mimicry or Subversive Weapon? The
Power of Creolization in Derek Walcott’s Omeros.”
Catherine Vish (St. Joseph’s College): “The Wasteland and ‘Howl.’”

SESSION 4: 2:35-3:50

Panel G: Hunger for Meaning
Chair: Rani Srinivasan (Queens College)
Location: Morris 104
Courtney Cowie (St. Joseph’s College): “Work, Pain, and Creativity in the Wakefield Second Shepherds’ Play and the York Crucifixion.”
Stephanie Edmonds (Marymount Manhattan College): “The Art of Cannibalism: Hannibal Lecter and the Inversion of Civilized and Savage.”
Andrea Grebinger (SUNY Oneonta): “Trauma in Maus.”
Paige Welch (SUNY Oneonta): “Kunstlerroman and the Hunger for Meaning in Look Homeward, Angel.”

Panel H: Picture books
Chair: Prof. Amie Doughty (SUNY Oneonta)
Location: Morris 130
Olivia Boniello (SUNY Oneonta): “Pigs and Princesses: Exploring Gender Identity in Children’s Literature.”
Kyle Roth (SUNY Oneonta): “‘I’ve never had a thing for princes’: Challenging Heteronormativity in King & King.”
Shelby Schultz (SUNY Oneonta): “Paint Wanted! White Washing the Three Little Pigs.”
Brianna Supensky (SUNY Oneonta): “Along the Way: Arthur and Max’s Constitutive Relationship in Art & Max.”


"Chester Himes and Billie Holiday: Art and Life of the Urban Margin"
4:00 p.m. Craven Lounge, Morris Hall

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