Tutorial Services

Tutorial Services

The primary mission of the AOP staff is to help you achieve academic excellence in all of your courses. We personally help to match you with a tutor who has knowledge and skills in the area(s) where you want to excel or need support and help.

We have many tutors available to work with you and we will set up one-on-one sessions to get you to your optimal academic performance level. Our tutors are Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) Honor Society members, seniors, and juniors with strong GPAs and top grades in the courses they tutor. Students are assisted with general class comprehension, test preparation, textbook interpretation, and research papers. Tutorial is reserved for students who proactively strive for success.

Using the Internet to help you study! Quizlet (quizlet.com): This site allows you to make digital note cards to study from, and has an iPhone and Android app to take studying on the go. You can even look at flash cards that students around the world are making, so you can get a deeper understanding of what you’re studying.

Khan Academy


This site teaches math and science, along with other subjects, the way they’re supposed to be taught step-by-step. With this site, you can watch videos of lectures at your own pace, try practice problems and go back to concepts you need more work in. iPad users can also download their app.

Milne Library Website


An incredible array of online resources and databases for anything that students need to research. In addition to a complete list of their journals and books, they have links to a long list of free online encyclopedias and journals to draw information from. Next time you have a research paper, try out the online databases at Milne Library!

The OWL (Online Writing Lab)


This site is a perfect resource for English majors, who are just beginning, or anyone that is writing an essay/research paper. The site is run and operated by Purdue University and has brief overviews of the basics of writing, like structure, grammar, and punctuation. It also shows you how to cite sources in papers in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. For students who don’t have a strong grasp on English, this site is a perfect stepping stone.

Room: 109 Netzer

Days: Mondays through Fridays 9am to 4pm


Contact: Stacy Robinson, stacy.robinson@oneonta.edu

Student Feedback:

"My tutor is very educated about subjects and she is very honest and helpful."

"It was fun, and I'd just like to say Thank You!"

"This semester I took classes that were more challenging and demanding. Because of this, I realize I am losing confidence in my ability to do my work. However, when I work with my tutor, she encourages me to keep trying."

"My tutor was very helpful and very patient with me, which really helped."

"I love working with my tutor because he really was a lot of help and he helped me improve my writing skills."

"I believe I should have used tutorial more."

"The EOP tutorial service is a lot of help...there is nothing to improve and a lot to gain."

NOTE: Although quotes are anonymous, they were provided directly through our EOP tutorial survey.


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