Philosophy Major

Philosophy class with Jean Paul Orgeron
Philosophy class with Jean Paul Orgeron

SUNY Oneonta philosophy majors are challenged and instructed to think clearly and responsibly, to communicate their ideas more effectively, and to listen to the ideas and opinions of others with increased sympathy and understanding. Many courses deal with concepts of self-identity and worth. Many involve cross-cultural and/or interdisciplinary study and investigation. And many--such as this fall 2016 course that included a five-day field trip along the Hudson River--focus on contemporary moral and ethical issues. 

For students with interdisciplinary interests, philosophy provides a range of options for double majors. For example, students interested in human values and expression often combine philosophy with art, literature, music or theatre. Those interested in human thought and cognition may combine philosophy and psychology. And students whose concerns have a more social or cultural focus are usually attracted to combinations such as philosophy and anthropology, philosophy and political science, or philosophy and sociology.

A sizeable number of Oneonta philosophy majors are preparing for law school through our pre-law advisement program. Many students do internships at local law firms and firms in major metropolitan areas, or at government offices in Albany. The Oneonta Pre-Law Society brings together these students with colleagues in political science, history, business economics and related disciplines, and sponsors speakers, panels, films and other law-related activities.

Special opportunities at SUNY Oneonta include the Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, which is organized entirely by students in the Philosophy Club. Initiated in 1995, the conference has become one of the most respected events of its kind in the United States, hosting students from prestigious universities such as Harvard and the University of Chicago, and from as far away as Hawaii, to present and discuss papers on a variety of topics.


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