Faculty led off-campus programs

Approved by the President
April 9, 2013

Policy Contacts
For international FLP’s contact:
Office of International Education

All others contact
Office of Continuing Education 607-436-2548

Policy Statement:

All faculty-led, off‐campus programs (FLP) must be registered and approved by the College and adhere to the following three basic principles to ensure: the academic integrity of the course, the health and safety of the participants and the fiscal and budgetary responsibility of the program.


The College supports and encourages experiential learning in the form of off-campus courses and field trips. The College has a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of the participants, demonstrate budget and fiscal responsibility and promote high-quality academic experiences for its students, faculty, and staff who participate in such experiential learning.

Applicability of the Policy:

This policy will apply to all SUNY Oneonta faculty who travel with students off-campus for one or more nights as part of a credit-bearing course.

Policy Elaboration:

Program approval and registration: All FLP’s must be approved by the faculty members Department Chair, Dean and if it is an international program, by the Provost and SUNY Provost. If a program fee will be charged to the student, the budget must be approved by the Provost’s designee. All FLP’s must be registered in either the Office of Continuing Education if the travel is in the United States or the Office of International Education if the travel is abroad.

Academic Requirements: SUNY Oneonta courses delivered off-­‐campus must adhere to the same high standards of development, content, and delivery as courses taught on campus. To that end, the following must be included in the program proposal and approval process.

  • Justification for course offering to include why students would benefit from travel component.
  • Syllabus for course including complete itinerary, lecture topics, and learning objectives.
  • Courses must demonstrate that they are meeting the basic contact hour requirement for the credit granted. When completing a new program proposal which includes an experiential learning component, you must indicate how these contact hours are utilized.
  • When using a tour company to deliver the tour, the syllabus should demonstrate course rigor within the context of the guided experience.
  • A risk assessment will be done by the appropriate office as designated by the Provost and under certain circumstances, a second person may be required to serve as the assistant coordinator while off-­‐campus. Budget and Fiscal responsibility: All financial matters related to FLPs are governed by applicable SUNY Oneonta policy and New York State law.
  • All FLP’s are self-­supporting, so a program fee will be determined for each FLP. A minimum of 10 registered students is typically required. This program fee will include:

All travel expenses for the faculty coordinator and assistant
coordinator if applicable, in accordance with NY State’s travel guidelines.

An administrative fee to cover overhead, fluctuations in exchange rates, unforeseen incidental expenses and miscellaneous administrative costs.

Student travel expenses

  • A service provider may be used to coordinate services such as
    housing, transportation, field trips, meals, etc. The use of a service
    provider and the real costs, terms, and conditions of services must be
    clearly identified when the FLP is approved and disclosed to student participants.
  • Faculty coordinators may take advantage of the travel discounts which pay for faculty travel costs given by tour companies for minimum enrollments, as long as clearly disclosed to student participants.
  • Faculty compensation:

Courses taught in fall/spring semesters should be part of the faculty’s course load and are not subject to extra service pay.
Courses taught in summer/winter session will need to meet the minimum enrollment set by the Summer Session Office to receive the full salary stipend.
Team teaching options: during summer or winter session

o When faculty chooses to team teach one course, the stipend is split between the two.

o When two separate courses are taught together, both must meet the minimum enrollment set by the Summer Session Office to receive the full salary stipend.

Team teaching during the fall or spring semester as part of course load requires the Department Chair and Dean’s approval.

  • All participants of an FLP are required to enroll in the course for credit and pay tuition and fees.

Health and Safety of Participants: The safety and security of SUNY Oneonta students and faculty while traveling away from campus is of the highest importance. Therefore:

  • The Provost or designee may cancel an FLP due to unsafe conditions in the area to which students and faculty will be traveling.
  • Faculty coordinators are required to be accessible by cell phone for the entire time the group is off-campus.
  • Faculty coordinators are required to meet with the appropriate office as defined in the procedures to review emergency protocols.
  • The start and end dates of the FLP be clearly defined and communicated to all participants. Faculty coordinators are required to be available to the group during those dates.
  • All faculty coordinators must submit:

Emergency contact information for all student participants and the faculty coordinator and assistant coordinator.

An emergency contingency plan in the event a student is separated from the group or the faculty coordinator becomes incapacitated. This plan should include the UPD phone number, a meeting place, an alternative to the meeting place in the event the meeting place is compromised.

A complete itinerary with contact information for all accommodations.

Provide appropriate documentation as outlined in the procedures in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (20USC § 1092).

  • In addition to the above, all faculty coordinators of international FLPs:

Must register group with the US Embassy

Provide participants with contact information in the country for the closest US Embassy.


A faculty-led, off-campus program (FLP): is a credit-bearing course where the faculty member and the registered students travel off-campus for part or for the entire course, for one or more nights. Off-campus is any location other than SUNY Oneonta’s main campus, College Camp, Cooperstown Graduate Program or the Biological Field Station.

Faculty coordinator: Instructor of record on an approved faculty-led off-campus program.

Assistant Coordinator: Typically a SUNY Oneonta faculty or staff member, who travels with the FLP off-campus and can assist the faculty coordinator in the event of an emergency. This person is required to attend all the emergency response training that is required of the faculty coordinator.

Service provider: A third party organization or agency that is contracted with to provide or coordinate services such as housing, transportation, field trips, meals etc. This may be another university or a travel agency.


For FLP’s abroad contact the Director of International Education,

For FLP’s in the United States:

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