Sustainability News

Living and Learning Community: Incoming freshmen interested in sustainability can sign up to live in the OWLS Nest Living Leaning Community.

Energy Conservation Program: In winter 2016, the college worked toward reducing the amount of energy consumed across campus by focusing on the following energy-conservation measures:

  • Reducing the hallway lighting levels in unoccupied spaces;
  • Shutting down the exhaust fans in unoccupied spaces;
  • Shutting down the computer labs in unoccupied spaces; and
  • Enforcing the campus Temperature Policy.

NYPA Operations & Maintenance Grant: SUNY Oneonta received a $75,000 state grant to improve energy efficiency in 10 campus buildings.

Green Infrastructure: SUNY Oneonta received $910,000 in Green Innovation Grant Program funding for a project aimed at reducing the impact of stormwater runoff from the campus.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station: The campus has installed an electric vehicle charging station. The station is reserved for employee vehicles but can be used by students and community members who receive permission from the Office of Sustainability. The station charges users $0.25 per hour for the first four hours and increases to $3 per hour after four hours.

Farm to SUNY: SUNY Oneonta is one of four SUNY campuses participating in the Farm to SUNY initiative. The goal of the Farm to SUNY initiative is to increase the procurement of fresh and minimally-processed New York-grown produce. This program was spearheaded by the American Farmland Trust (AFT) and Farm to Institution New York State (FINYS).

Single Stream Recycling Program: In July 2013, the college transitioned to single stream recycling. This type of recycling allows users to mix paper, glass, plastic, metal and cardboard into one bin.