Taking courses at another institution

To ensure transferability

All currently matriculated students who wish to take courses from another institution must obtain Prior Approval from the Academic Advisement Center.  This is to ensure that the course is appropriate for the individual student and will be accepted by SUNY Oneonta if passed. Only courses required for a degree may be approved and transferred.

Prior Approval for Transfer Credit form or a Cross-Registration request must be submitted and approved by the Academic Advisement Center before a course at another institution is taken.

Cross Registration requests are submitted if you use financial aid and are taking the course(s) at a SUNY school during the fall, spring, or summer terms.  More information on Cross-Registration may be found here: https://catalog.oneonta.edu/content.php?catoid=15&navoid=842#suny-cross-registration-policy-oneonta-campus and https://suny.oneonta.edu/policy-library/policies/cross-registration-policy

Prior Approval is used for all other courses. 

Students who wish to take courses only through another institution during the Fall or Spring semester must also apply for an Academic Leave of Absence.

If you believe a course you have taken was not granted the appropriate equivalency, you may appeal to have the course reviewed for a different equivalency.


Transfer Credit Re-evaluation

Course Substitutions

A Course Substitution is submitted by the Chair of a Department to allow a course not normally permitted, to fulfill an academic requirement. Course Substitutions are done at the discretion of a Department Chair.

If a student would like to request that a substitution be done within their major, they would make the request through the department that houses the major. If approved, the department fills out and submits the appropriate form to Academic Advisement for processing. Once the substitution is processed, it is reflected on the student's DegreeWorks.

Course Equivalencies

As a currently matriculated student, I understand the following:

  • There are a number of rules that must be applied when determining where, how, and if a course may be approved to be taken at another institution. 
  • Students who wish to take courses from another institution during the Fall or Spring semester must apply for an Academic Leave of Absence
  • SUNY has a policy for Cross Registration. Certain rules apply.
  • This database is a guide to course equivalencies and not a guarantee of transferability.
  • The attached database includes all evaluated courses from SUNY institutions. For courses not on the system or from non-SUNY institutions, contact or visit Academic Advisement.
  • I must obtain prior approval (my guarantee of transferability of coursework) from the Academic Advisement Center before I take course work at another institution.

Transfer Course Equivalency Database

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