1. Click Edit for the content section you want to add the tabbed region to.
  2. Then click in the editor where you want the tabbed region to be displayed.
  3. Click the Add tabbed region button in the tool bar.

In order to add more tabs to the tabbed region hover your cursor over the bottom right corner of the last tab in the section and click the red arrow square in order to prepare to add another tab. Then in the toolbar click the Add tab tool in order to add one tab to the tabbed region. In order to edit the Title of a tab click into the top of the tab and type in the text you want to have displayed. Then type in the rest of the text for the tab in the white area located beneath the top of the tab.

Tab Example

Title 1

Sample content

Title 2

Sample content

Title 3

Sample content

Note: Tabbed regions are automatically converted to accordions on mobile devices.

Tabs can not be nested inside of an accordion as it causes issues on mobile devices. If you need assistance with organizing the content on a page please let us know by emailing

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