Equipment Management

Inventory Threshold

The campus Property Management Office is assigned the task of administering the Property Control System (PCS) and ensuring that the campus meets State and Research Foundation requirements.

According to the SUNY Property Control System Manual, “for State-owned equipment below the $5000 University capitalization threshold, campuses are not required to assign inventory tags to these assets but are responsible for assigning an ownership tag.” (Section 1.A)

It should be understood, however, that this inventory threshold does not relieve us of our responsibility to safeguard assets regardless of their value. Departments should make every effort to be good stewards of State-owned equipment within their jurisdiction.

Effective July 15, 2016:

  1. All state-owned equipment that is movable and vulnerable to theft or loss, valued at $5000 or above, with a life expectancy of greater than one year, will be assigned an inventory tag by the Property Management office and will be recorded in the PCS. Property Management reviews State and Research Foundation purchase orders to identify equipment that will require an inventory tag. These items will be added to PCS and an asset decal will be affixed to the item within fifteen business days of notification to Property Management that equipment has been received by a department.
  2. For items under the $5000 threshold, the property management office will distribute ownership tags based on purchase orders. It is the ordering department’s responsibility to tag new equipment. It is strongly recommended that an inventory of equipment be kept at the departmental level.
  3. Property Management may choose to place inventory tags on items under the $5000 threshold on equipment deemed of particular importance to the campus.
  4. Spot checks of equipment will be done periodically throughout the academic year. See the SUNY Property Control System Manual, Section 1.A part 2.
  5. For the annual inventory beginning February 2017, departments will be provided a report for verification that includes equipment that meets the $5000 and above threshold.
  6. Any lost or stolen equipment must be reported by the department to University Police and Property Management as soon as its loss is confirmed.
  7. All authorizations for equipment to be used off-campus will be managed and tracked at the department level with an Off-Campus-Use form.

This system of property management allows departments to better monitor the use and movement of equipment purchased by their respective offices. It also provides the campus with a tool to ensure that State- and Research Foundation-owned equipment is tracked properly and applies consideration of the fiscal responsibility to the campus in maintaining accurate and timely inventory reporting.

SUNY Oneonta will continue to follow SUNY Procedure as defined in the PCS Manual and carried out by our sister institutions.


Movable and vulnerable: Items that are not physically attached to buildings or otherwise wired, plumbed, networked or secured in a way that would make removal unreasonably difficult or easily noted.

Life expectancy: The reasonable duration of an item’s use in service.

Value: An item’s original procurement cost, less depreciation due to eventual obsolescence or failure.

Equipment Deemed of Particular Importance: Some equipment below the $5000 threshold may constitute a legal or safety liability for SUNY Oneonta and may also represent an unusually attractive opportunity for theft, and will therefore be inventoried accordingly.


SUNY Property Control System Manual

Off-Campus-Use Form

Moving Equipment

When inventoried equipment above the $5000 threshold (as detailed above) is moved between buildings and/or between departments without notification to the Property Management Office the annual review process is unnecessarily complicated for the Departments involved and for Property Control. When equipment has been or will be moved, notify the Property Management office immediately by email to: or by memo to Jill Stafford, Maintenance Operations Center, x3053

Provide the following information:

  • Description (computer, printer, monitor, etc.)
  • SUNY-Oneonta decal number, if applicable
  • Manufacturer's serial number
  • Previous location
  • New location

Other movements or reassignment of equipment should be documented appropriately in each department's local inventory.

Adding New Equipment to Inventory

When making purchases using your SUNY Oneonta Visa card, ALWAYS send a copy of the purchase requisition, including the Visa document number, for EQUIPMENT purchases to Property Management. We will determine if the equipment meets the criteria for inclusion on the equipment inventory. You can send via campus mail or email to When equipment is purchased through our Purchasing Department, Property Management is routinely notified so items that meet the criteria can be added to SUNY Oneonta’s equipment inventory. However, if your new equipment has not been tagged within 30 days of receipt, please contact Property Management. Please include the Purchase Order or Visa document number.


All departments should direct requests to have surplus computers or related equipment removed from your department to IT Services' Customer Service portal. Computer hard-drives will be reformatted, insuring removal of any sensitive information, & the equipment will be evaluated for possible reassignment to another department on campus. Direct surplus requests for non-computer equipment to Property Management. Include the following data on all surplus requests:

  • Description (computer, printer, monitor, etc.)
  • SUNY-Oneonta decal number
  • Manufacturer's serial number
  • Condition
  • Current location

Note: Storing furniture or equipment in hallways or service entrances, even temporarily, is NOT ALLOWED and is a violation of fire code regulations!


Request removal of surplus FURNITURE (desks, chairs, tables, file cabinets, book cases etc.) by submitting a Work Request via the Campus Work Request system.


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Work Requests

Any inaccuracies in documents or content should be reported by email or phone - we will correct them immediately.

Phil Bidwell
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Emergency Information

During Normal Operation Hours
(Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.)
Please Call the Maintenance Operations Center office at 607-436-2507.

After Hours and Weekends
Call University Police at 607-436-3550 - they will relay the call to our onsite second/third shift staff.

In the event of emergency responses on campus that may affect normal operations (water main breaks, storm damage, power outages... things like that) we will prominently post information on our site and also distribute email notifications as necessary.

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