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Campus Construction Report

Visitors can always obtain detailed information or get questions answered by calling the Office of Facilities and Safety at 607-436-3224 M-F, 7 AM to 4 PM, University Police at 607-436-3550 outside those hours, or emailing Facilities at facilities@oneonta.edu.

Summer 2021

For about the last year we have been doing the planning and contract preparation for the summer 2021 construction season. Here's what to expect:

Heating Plant Shutdown

Each year we take a week or so after the end of the semester to shut down the Heating Plant for much-needed maintenance and repair work. This is scheduled for May 15th to 25th.

Electrical Shutdown

Our annual one-day Electrical Shutdown for the campus is set for Sunday, May 16th. This allows us the opportunity to safely carry out maintenance tasks on the campus high- and medium-voltage systems. Generators will maintain various services and the Field House Vaccination Center will be operating as normal, but otherwise the campus is generally closed and any access will be highly limited.

Alumni Hall

A major renovation will be getting underway on Alumni Hall in mid-May. This will be a two-year, complete rehab job, with the building scheduled to reopen for the fall semester of 2023. Alumni Hall started out life in 1957 as the first James Milne Library and has gone through several incarnations since then, supporting various departments down the decades. It's now time for a full refit, after which it will be host to the School of Economics & Business and the Division of College Advancement.

This project includes the first geothermal heating/cooling system for the College, where an array of wells will be installed to employ ground heat source/sink opportunities for the building. The building envelope will be updated and of course the interior will be totally redesigned with new offices, classrooms, seminar and meeting rooms, a fully accessible environment and other features.

This project will encompass a fair amount of terrain around the building. To provide the ability to bring materials and heavy equipment in and out of the site, a stretch of West Dorm Drive adjacent to the building will be closed for the duration of the project. We are working up alternative traffic plans as well as a relocation of the bus stop at Alumni Hall - these will be communicated to the campus shortly.

Emergency Services Building

The College's new Emergency Services Building will be home of University Police and other related functions. There will be a move-in process going on starting in mid-May out of Alumni Hall - once the new building is officially operational there will be a general announcement to the campus regarding movement of services.

Hunt Union

We have been doing a lot of work at Hunt Union the last couple years: roofing, HVAC systems, new elevator, renovation of the West Wing... and next on the agenda is the replacement of a worn-out parquet floor and entry doors at the second-floor Ballroom facility.

Fitzelle Hall

There will be some repairs being made to the pedestrian bridge at the north end of the building this summer, but otherwise Fitzelle will be available as usual.

Perna Science

Perna will be getting some new masonry on a rooftop stair tower, some renovations for Gender-Neutral Restrooms, and some Fire Alarm upgrades.

Alumni Field House

No new work going on here, but we wanted to note that the Vaccination Center is expected to continue in operation at that facility at least through the summer.

Hays Hall

There will be a project going on at the Hays Residence Hall to upgrade bathrooms.

Sherman Hall

Each year Facilities plans a residence hall minor renovation project, known to us a as a “fluff & buff”. These projects provide updates to spaces that are highly visible and used extensively, such as student lounges and kitchens. They also provide updates throughout the building such as such as new doors and hardware, painting, adding accent walls, new bathroom faucets and shower valves, repairing and replacing bathroom tiles, new lighting and exit signs, replacing ceilings and installing new electrical outlets with USB ports. Students tell us the physical condition of our residence halls is one of their highest preferences for capital improvements.

Hulbert Hall

We will be replacing some heating lines in a tunnel adjacent to the building.

Maintenance Operations Center

The MOC building will be getting a backup generator to keep their critical operations going in the event of a general power failure.

General Maintenance

Then, as usual, there will be a tremendous amount of activity all over campus doing a bunch of smaller jobs, repairing things, Custodial work cleaning every building, Groundskeeping, Painting, and all the work required to maintain the campus in the best possible condition.

We will report on progress here as we go along. Thank you very much for you patience!!!

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