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Campus Construction Report

Visitors can always obtain detailed information or get questions answered by calling the Office of Facilities and Safety at 607-436-3224 M-F, 7 AM to 4 PM, University Police at 607-436-3550 outside those hours, or emailing Facilities at facilities@oneonta.edu.

New Campus Sign

Artist's rendering of the new Entrance Sign


A new campus entrance sign will be constructed at the intersection of West Street and Ravine Parkway.  It will be illuminated at night, and combine stonework with attractive plantings.  The project will also offer better sightlines up and down West Street compared to the present sign.

Sign Plan Drawing


This shows the general layout of the Entrance Sign - not in the triangle where the present one is, but off to the edge of the north side of the intersection.


Alumni Hall

A major renovation is underway on Alumni Hall.  This is a two-year, complete renovation job, with the building scheduled to reopen for the fall semester of 2023.  Alumni Hall started out life in 1960 as the first James Milne Library and has gone through several incarnations since then, supporting various departments down the decades.  It's now time for a full refit, after which it will be host to the School of Economics & Business and the Division of College Advancement.  

This project includes the first geothermal heating/cooling system for the College, where an array of wells will be installed to employ ground heat source/sink opportunities for the building.  The building envelope will be updated and of course the interior will be totally redesigned with new offices, classrooms, seminar and meeting rooms, a fully accessible environment and other features.

This project encompasses a fair amount of terrain around the building.  To provide the ability to bring materials and heavy equipment in and out of the site, a stretch of West Dorm Drive adjacent to the building is closed for the duration of the project. 

A detailed description of the project and background historical information on Alumni Hall is available at the sub-link to the left.

Progress on the project is satisfactory - as of the end of February, demolition is complete and interior walls are framed up.  Electrical and plumbing rough-ins are proceeding, and the project as a whole is on schedule.

Summer 2022

This year, Commencement is about a week later than it usually is - Saturday, May 21st.  

On Sunday May 22nd we will be doing our Annual Power Shutdown Day, which gives us the opportunity to safely work on high- and medium-voltage equipment across campus and within underground feeder vaults.  The Boilers at the Heating Plant will also be shut down for a week or two to permit annual cleaning, maintenance and inspections.

Then... summer construction season starts off bright and early on Monday, May 23rd.

  • Hulbert Residence Hall will be getting a renovation of its B and C wings.
  • Hays Residence Hall will be getting bathroom upgrades.
  • The Alumni Field House has two projects lined up - new Air Conditioning units and an a refinishing job on the Arena Floor.
  • Morris Hall will get new Accessibility Ramps at the Bacon and Denison wings.
  • There will be the first Phase (of three) work to improve ADA accessibility on campus - this one at Milne-Chase-Netzer.
  • Fine Arts has some roof work scheduled at the Music Wing.
  • Hunt Union will be undergoing some structural repair work on the East Wing.

and of course a huge amount of other Maintenance, Custodial and Facilities work will occur through the summer in preparation for Fall 2022.

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