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Campus Construction Report

Visitors can always obtain detailed information or get questions answered by calling the Office of Facilities and Safety at 607-436-3224 M-F, 7 AM to 4 PM, University Police at 607-436-3550 outside those hours, or emailing Facilities at facilities@oneonta.edu.

Summer 2019 Project List

  1. Hunt Union Parking Lot and Bugbee Road - this is a pretty high-impact project designed not only to completely refurbish a 1972 parking lot, but also to replace a section of the City's High Pressure Water Main.  The second part is to change the triangular intersection of Bugbee Road & Ravine Parkway to a safer T-intersection and alter the piece of Bugbee Road from there the start of the downhill section between Hunt and Fitzelle to slow vehicular traffic and improve pedestrian safety.  This is a big one - see the Summer 2019 Traffic and Construction Map for details.  There will be a detour and one-way traffic for a better part of the summer on Bugbee Road.
  2. Hunt Union - we will be doing a project to complete repair of exterior masonry and will also be replacing a large mobile partition wall in the Ballroom.In early fall we will be starting another project to rehab portions of the building's west wing to support the Applied Learning Network offices.
  3. Huntington Hall will be going into an 18-month full rehab, where contractors will be ripping it back to the concrete, entirely reconstructing and updating the interior, and adding a new part of the building to support activities and services.
  4. East Dorm Drive - this project is to replace a fifty-year-old water main, add isolation valving and update some fire hydrants.  The road will remain open for one lane but expect some delays down there.
  5. The Baseball Field (Field 1) will be getting a project to replace grass with an artificial surface and to regrade the entire topography. Making it flat.
  6. In the Fine Arts Building we will be renovating a Choral Room.
  7. Chase Gym has an enormous mobile separation wall in the main gym, similar to that in the Hunt Ballroom.  We're replacing it since it was installed in 1961 and is overdue for updating. We are also doing some maintenance on some ceilings in that building.
  8. The Alumni Field House is getting a new roof surface.
  9. We will be installing a demonstration Photovoltaic Panel system on the grounds between Human Ecology and Physical Science.
  10. Some air-conditioning work will be going on in Milne Library and Perna Science Building.
  11. We will be doing a project at the Moe Pond Research Facility in Cooperstown to upgrade a concrete-and-earth dam.

These are the most obvious / disruptive ones. There are a bunch of smaller jobs going on here and there.

And there is, as always, a large collection of preventive maintenance, painting, cleaning, paving, landscaping, electrical and HVAC repairs, vehicle work, carpentry and lock shop updates. We don't get bored.


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