Managing Class Listserv

Creating a Listserv to Email Students in Your Class(es)

This documentation describes how you can create a listserv for emailing all students in your class(es). Listservs are computer systems that maintain email lists, in this case, for all the students in your course. When you send an email to this list, it will be forwarded to everyone in the class. Setting up this LISTSERV is one of many technologies that can help you communicate with students in courses. For other ways, contact the TLTC at x2684.

1. Using Internet Explorer or Firefox, log into the College’s Web services page at: Faculty Web Services. Your login requires a PIN number that you can get from the Registrar's office if need be. You need to visit the Registrar in person with your picture ID to get your PIN number. They are located on the first floor of Netzer Admin.

2. Click on the Faculty & Advisors link, read the FERPA statement and click “I agree.”

3. Select either Detail Class List or Summary Class List

4. Select the term and course – Please note, the ability to create or send to a class listserv will be disabled 4 weeks after the end of a term.

5. At the bottom of the class list page is a link that says ‘Email class’, click on this link.

6. A message will come up prompting you to create the listserv. Click on the ‘Create Listserv’ button.

7. You will receive a message back that the listserv has been created. There will also be instructions on how to use this list along with its name. Print these instructions or save them for future reference.

Sending E-Mail to a Class Listserv

After the Class Listserv has been created, you can use any e-mail program (Outlook, Netscape, Entourage, OWA, etc.) to send messages to the list. Below are instructions on how to do this from a few of the more popular email clients.

Using Webservices

E-mail messages can be sent to the list from within Webservices by going back to the Detail Class List or Summary Class List and clicking the clicking the ‘Email Class’ link. This link will open the default email client on your PC and will put the name of the listserv in the ‘To:’ box for you. You can now write your message and send the email to your class.

Using other e-mail programs

You must send email to the listserv from your email address. This is the only email address the system will recognize and allow messages to come from.

You must use the list name noted in step 7 of “Creating a Listserv to Email Students in Your Class” in the TO: field of your message. The convention for these list names is as follows:

So the listserv name for EDUC 106 section 01 offered in the fall would be: (capitalization does not matter)

Or for MATH 174 section 03 offered in the spring would be:

Special Notes

A. You must create a listserv in the same way for each course you teach each semester, if you want the ability to email every student in that course.

B. These lists will be updated nightly and removed 4 weeks after the end of a term.

C. When each listserv is first created it is set up so that only the instructor of the course can send email to the listserv; students in the course will not be able to send messages to the list. If you want to give the students in your class the ability to send messages to the listserv, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open a web browser to
  2. Click the “Mailing List Management Interface” link which is the second link on the page.
  3. If you do not have a password for managing your lists follow these instructions
    1. Click the “get a new LISTSERV password” link
    2. Fill out the form using your Oneonta email address and choose a password
    3. This process emails you a confirmation email message which you must read in order to activate your password for security reasons. This usercode and password is different from your email usercode and password.
  4. After you have confirmed your password go back to the “Mailing List Management Interface” web page
  5. Enter your Oneonta e-mail address and newly created list management password.
  6. Click the “follow this link” link in the message that appears regarding saving your password in a cookie.
  7. There will be a drop down box with the names of all the lists you own, please choose the one you would to allow students to email.
  8. Click the “Configuration” button on this screen
  9. Edit the “Send=” line in the new window to read:


  1. Click the “Update” button on the bottom of the screen and your done, students may now post to the list.

You may contact the TLTC at x2684 for assistance with this.

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