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SUNY Oneonta’s Extended and Community Learning (ExCL) Center is offering a variety of online career training programs in healthcare, information technology and other high-demand fields. Start any time and work at your own pace. Grant funding is available to cover program fees for a limited number of area residents, so you may be able to enroll at no cost!

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Congratulations to all of our fall 2024 admitted students! Here’s everything you need to know about the next steps toward becoming a Red Dragon.

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Nearly 20 percent of our students are transfers! With renewable merit scholarships, a Transfer Living Community and lots of support for your success, SUNY Oneonta is a great place to continue your studies.

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Featured News

An innovative new effort at SUNY Oneonta aims to prepare students for life outside the classroom and after college by focusing on professional and social maturity and growth.
More than 200 SUNY Oneonta students and faculty were honored for academic excellence at the annual Susan Sutton Smith Lecture and Award Reception on April 9.
Three SUNY Oneonta students—Dasia Harrigan, Graham Wooden and Olivia Schuler—have been named 2024 recipients of the prestigious SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence.
Approximately 3,000 SUNY Oneonta students, staff and community members came together on Monday, April 8, to watch the highly anticipated total solar eclipse on campus.
Museum Studies graduate student Calen Cavallaro’s lifelong love of dinosaurs will reach new heights this summer, when the Museum of the Rockies opens a first-of-its kind Troodon exhibit that Cavallaro helped create during a summer internship.
SUNY Oneonta has been awarded $706,455 in grant funding to provide local workforce training and fill a growing need for specially trained support professionals across Otsego County and the region.


Kento Igarashi
During his sophomore year as an international student from Japan, Kento Igarashi transferred to SUNY Oneonta, discovered a passion for photography and landed a graphic design internship.
Grace Tran
Grace Tran, a Media Studies major from Albany, NY, came to SUNY Oneonta undecided about her major and discovered Media Studies after joining the campus’s TV production club.
Wilden Bruce
With a dual major in Communication Studies and Business Administration and a passion for the silver screen, Wilden Bruce is eager to pursue a career as a behind-the-scenes force in the movie industry, overseeing everything from securing funds to helping writers bring their vision to life.
Victoria Villaverde
Having left SUNY Oneonta in 2020 during the pandemic, Victoria Villaverde put her degree on hold and saw success as a drawing portrait artist, graphic designer and tattoo apprentice before returning to college in 2022.
Marisa Codi
Halfway through her college career, Marisa Codi was forced to rethink her path when the college she was attending, Cazenovia, closed. Transferring to SUNY Oneonta allowed her to continue her education seamlessly and find a new place to call home.
Chung Wong
Aerospace professional Chung Wong first discovered the world of physics inside the A.J. Read Science Discovery Center. Enrolling in SUNY Oneonta’s 3-2 Engineering Program gave him the tools and confidence to be successful and was “the best decision” he ever made.
Hailee Steinberg
"The classes I have loved are the ones where I get to be in the kitchen, the more hands-on classes and hospitality classes. I enjoyed Intro to Foods, and I loved Demos, and I liked learning the child psychology and interior design content, too."
Morgan Whittington
Having grown up in a household that valued environmental sustainability, Morgan Whittington came to SUNY Oneonta with one of her two majors already in mind. From camping trips to traveling across the United States visiting national parks, Whittington has been an “advocate for the planet” ever since she was a child.
Clayton Davis
Clayton Davis arrived at SUNY Oneonta with no art or design classes under his belt from high school. By the end of his junior year, he had taken on SUNY Oneonta as a client and designed 10 new banners that now hang on the exterior of the Fine Arts Center on campus.
Fatoumata Ouattara Alumni Profile
Growing up, Fatoumata Ouattara loved sports but didn’t realize that she could make a career out of them. Majoring in Sport Management and Communication at Oneonta, she learned the ins and outs of the industry and gained leadership and event-planning skills with her sorority, club rugby team, and as an RA. As Associate Director of Program, School & Community for Special Olympics New York, she is now sharing her passion and encouraging others to do the same.
Juan Cirilo
Juan Cirilo, a Computer Science major, threw himself into new experiences at SUNY Oneonta, ranging from joining the Mountain Biking Club to landing a part in “Evil Dead: The Musical.”
Sarah Faulisi
With a passion for fitness and working with people, Sarah Faulisi transferred to SUNY Oneonta to study Exercise Science and Sport Management.

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