Students, Alumni Bolster City’s Juneteenth Celebration

The city of Oneonta’s second annual Juneteenth commemoration event on Saturday, June 19, was a colorful celebration of Black and African culture featuring a handful of talented SUNY Oneonta students and alumni who performed and helped organize the festivities.

Pictured above: Class of 2018 grad Sierra Sangetti-Daniels, left, and her sister, event creator Diandra Sangetti-Daniels, stand near the raffle basket table during the event

Visit Campus This Summer

We are excited to welcome you to campus for an in-person tour, or you can connect with us virtually through one of our online visit options!

Welcome, Red Dragons

Congratulations to all of our fall 2021 admitted students! Here’s everything you need to know about the next steps toward becoming a Red Dragon.

Grow. Thrive. Live. Fundraising Campaign

Grow. Thrive. Live. is a historic $25 million campaign that will build upon the Oneonta educational experience and achieve unprecedented impact.

Student Leader Receives SUNY Chancellor's Award

A SUNY Oneonta student, Arene Daziah Holston, is one of just 135 students across the state to receive a 2021 Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence from the State University of New York.

SUNY Oneonta Hosts Vaccination Site

SUNY Oneonta has been selected as a state-run COVID mass vaccination site. Free, appointment-based vaccinations are available on our campus to eligible New Yorkers.


Faculty and Staff
Assistant Professor of Sociology Kirstie Kemmerer is living proof that it’s OK to change directions in life. While earning her bachelor’s in business management, she thought she wanted to be a wedding planner. Now, several years later, she has a Ph.D. and teaches classes that deal with hard-hitting issues such as domestic violence and rural crime.
Faculty and Staff
With 30 continuous years of acclaimed research, Lokshina is an expert in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Telecommunications. She received her doctorate from Moscow State Mining University in Russia, where she grew up and lived until 1998.
My ideal job is anything in the theater or media world. I definitely want to look into directing and editing. My biggest dream would probably be working on a TV or movie set, either working behind the scenes or onstage – I love both realms. I want to be in that environment.
The most important lesson for any aspiring songwriter is networking. You might meet someone in college who’s a freshman when you’re a senior, and that might end up being the most talented person you’ve ever met. I have a friend I graduated with who works at Columbia Records now, and we work together. Never count anybody out.
So far my favorite class is Apparel in Today’s Economy with Dr. Portway. She’s amazing, I love her. It’s so fun. We’re working on group projects, which you have to do in the industry. We talk about all of the financial stuff and the climate, and it’s really just so interesting. She starts every single class off with a fashion show, and that’s so fun.
Faculty and Staff
Percussionist Blake Fleming has been featured by the biggest music publications and magazines, wrote “The Book of Rhythm,” and toured the United States and Canada opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in stadiums of 14,000 people. But none of those experiences compare to the feeling he gets while teaching someone how to play the drums.
As a freshman studying Fashion & Textiles at SUNY Oneonta, Mallory Kerman had never owned a pair of Levi’s. Peek into her closet now and you’ll find SIXTY pairs of the classic denim brand.
Garrett Camasi wasn’t able to make it to his freshman orientation at SUNY Oneonta, but he had a very good excuse: He was photographing Asian elephants at a Sri Lankan orphanage with nonprofit Veterinarians International.
Faculty and Staff
SUNY Oneonta Health Educator Rebecca Harrington isn’t afraid to tackle the taboo topics. After all, two of her best-known on-campus initiatives have been the Hump Day Wagon (a weekly, traveling contraceptive giveaway) and Sex & Pizza (an engaging sex education program for incoming freshmen).
Faculty and Staff
Just like Hermia in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” SUNY Oneonta Assistant Professor of Acting, Directing and Movement Kiara Pipino is little, but she is fierce. And her students know that better than anyone.
I want to be an entertainment lawyer, doing copyright and writing contracts for artists and athletes. Not just in the U.S. but internationally. I speak English, Mandarin, Korean and Spanish. So that would be my dream job.
The opportunities I’ve had, especially to travel, I will never forget. The summer after my freshman year, our tennis team went to Portugal, and that was the first time I had been overseas. It was incredible. Being able to see and live in another culture temporarily is so eye-opening.

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